The Angel by Tiffany Reisz

I must fill you guys in on my lovely and very fun reads that I have fallen in love with this year. I told you about the first book in this series, The Siren, and now I shall continue to rave and go on and on about how much I enjoy the characters and these books. So read them if you haven't. Give them a shot.

These books continue to be  funny and fabulous with a badass lead female along with other dimensional characters as well. But now, on with the babbling of how I really like these books that I feel I will be rereading every time I need to smile and remember why books were created and need people like Tiffany Reisz to write them.

So on we go.

"My confession begins," Father S said, "as the confessions of many men begin- with three words."
"Father forgive me?" Michael hazarded a guess.
"I met Eleanor."

This book takes on a whole new premise from The Siren where we met the characters with Nora and really fell into the world of the underground as they call it where everything is kinky, oh and they have a priest funding the whole thing. Though the books are great, me and my one friend who I talk about the series with still think that it is so perfectly funny. While in public we refer to Soren as his name, or KP, which stands for...well how about you guys guess since I hope that you have read the first book. ;)

And in this story time with Nora, there is a lot of Mick and Griff. Who couldn't love Michel and Griffin?!

I loved them no matter how small their part was in the first book and that continued onto this book where they become a much larger premise where we see a lot more of them. They got their time in the spotlight and they could keep on taking it if they really wanted to. Seriously, if Tiffany wanted to write an entire book of just Griffin and Mick, I would read it. And I would love it.

Of course even though I loved our other couple here, I shall never skimp on Nora who in this book is back in the hands of Soren sassy as ever. I really loved Soren to begin with and you get to see a lot more of him and his different sides. There is just something about the guy that when he speaks, you listen and he has my 100% attention. He is so God-like and though it may be difficult slowly I am also beginning to see him as a person and actual guy which I love and can't wait to dive further into. One thing is for sure though, Nora and him, they are good together, you can feel the love between them. He wouldn't let anything happen to her, unless of course he is causing the hurt (but not harm).

I don't want you to know everything though about this book, other than how wonderful it is. SO I shall leave you with this.

"He's a freak! I'm in love."

Griffin is awesome. Mick is adorably perfect. And Nora...well we all already know that Nora is fabulous in this next installment with new twists and turns that may make a lot of new secrets, while others are revealed.


I have decided from book one that I would love these books and that verdict there has not changed. If anything The Angel confirmed it and I cannot wait to read the next books of whatever Tiffany Reisz writes. Her characters are wonders in and of themselves, and the plot is something that never ends with such an ending that you will need the next book, The Prince.


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