The Siren by Tiffany Resiz

Top book! Top book forever, I need the next one in this series NOW.

"If you come back to me," he said, "will you run or will you crawl?"
"I'll fly." -The Siren, Tiffany Reisz 

I would fly too. Perhaps I am in this very moment and do not know it yet as I try to get all these wonderful feelings down for you lovely readers.

This is a book that I have been looking into reading this one for a long while now and I am so happy that I finally read it. Our main character Nora was badass and no matter what you tried not to like about her, I ended up loving her even more. Nora just got me, from snarky wit to backstory that made me flip pages faster  It no matter what any one says, it was for the best. She was seductive and just as equally full of snarky sass that I couldn't get enough of. 

This is hard though, I don't even know exactly how to explain how much I loved this book! I fell in love so hard that I couldn't get back up for days.

Which I couldn't. I had a severe book hangover. Probably still do.

It lingers.

The moment that I started reading and turning page after page, I fell into an alternate reality of greatness. Characters, setting, world, sex, it was all there and I was so happy to be living along side Nora and...gosh, before I forget our other wonderful side character we hop along with, Zach. Our slytherin inspired British editor. 

My oh my.

I will be honest now and tell you that I have met Zach and Nora before in Tiffany Reisz's short stories I couldn't get enough of one her website before I even started these books (which yes, did spoil just a tad. but queen of the spoilers and great stories I am with this being one, I didn't mind one bit). I read them both, I have such a better view of who they are as people and fantastic characters. And the books made me fall in love with everyone even more. Zach, when I read the stories was my favorite, but move along side even though I do still love you Zach.

Nora is my spirit in physical form as of now. 

Which means I also love the people that I suppose could be Nora's love interest(s). I mean if this was a YA book (which it isn't, thank god, because if we did I am sure the brooding would be pretty intense), would I be on team sadistic Soren/wonderful Wes/kinky King, or any of the other men Nora twirls around her little fingers? 

Perhaps like Nora I would taste test all of them.

Nora is unlike any other character I have read and I love her so much more for it. She has the confidence and is a erotica writer herself that will write as many sexy scenes as she must to get it right, unless she shreds those too for certain reasons. Even as I hit the last pages, I didn't want it and her story to end. I couldn't believe it left me where it did!

Ugh...did I mention I need the next book ASAP?


This book and the rest of the series will be on my top books of all time no doubt. It probably is top 5 where I really have no idea which is my favorite most of the time. THAT IS AN HONOR PEOPLE to be in my top 5 books. Ha. All I can say here is the writing was so fabulous and the story had plot alongside of diverse dementional characters that made me laugh and cry (oh my, I cried didn't I?).

 Read this book. 

This is a erotic romance unlike anything I have previously read. A life changing book for me? I believe so.


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