Sweet Thing by Renee Carlino

Sweet Thing indeed!

I absolutely loved this book from beginning to end. And not to mention how beautiful that cover is! I loved the relationship that formed at a real pace, even if at times the slow burn was torture and Miss Mia the main character's decision making skills could have used some work when deciding whether or not to open her mouth and make herself and our lovely leading man, Will, happy.

I just wanted to push them together in a room and scream at them to get along. GET ALONG AND KISS AND STUFF YOU TWO. I wouldn't have let them come out until they did.

“It's a fool who thinks love will set him free. Love equals a morbid and relentless fear of losing the other person.”

This book made that problem that I could've fixed, so much harder. But luckily, it did it in a awesome way that grasped me by the feels from beginning to end.

So, Mia. I really enjoyed her character, especially how she is that perfect 25 year old as said in the prologue of the book (which was fantastic too by the way, so original), that is just fresh and not knowing the world is upon them until suddenly, god she's an adult and has to make all these decisions that adults apparently do like marriage and jobs and children. I really enjoyed that bit of how the fact of growing up was weaved into the story line since it is obvious just like most people, Mia has no clue what to do.

She has this business degree...now runs her fathers cafe in New York...music...what will she do with her life. What will the people around them do with theirs? Who will they love.

And since I said love, I have to go into talking about Will. Wilbur. ;) Had to do it. I loved him as a male character. He was such a great guy and was so passionate about everything he did which made me want to cling onto him even more than I already did in the beginning when we met him all full of nerves and a guitar.

“I believe his exact words were cosmic, soul-shattering, air in your lungs kind of love.”

These two characters are almost fated together in hardship, apartment roommates, and love that has to be formed within the book. Everything was so real, so raw between them and the other relationships they had with other people in the book. Friends and lovers. The characters and their flaws that are so apparent at times made this story what it is. Without them, it would be mush. Sweet mush, but mush.

With them it is not just a blob of mush and feelings. It is a thing. A sweet thing. (See what I did there?)

I want to just keep talking about this book. So, if you bring this book up to me, don't expect me to stop talking about it lightly until I practically tell you everything and anything that happened in this adorable heart wrenching read.

But if you really want to talk about it, oh I will gush.


I need more books like this. I am going to track down the rest of Renee's books ASAP and read them with as much conviction and happiness as I did this one. The music and the passion that the character were trying to figure out in this book was fantastic. Little bits and pieces of who they are scattered like notes all through the novel. So, like romance? Need a great love story that might just make you cry or want to scream at the main characters? This is for you.
Happy reading.

Also, look up some of the music that was played in the apartment and other places throughout the book if you can. Most of it is pretty great:)


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