The Saint by Tiffany Reisz

These books just get better and better, but I have to say that this one, The Saint is my all time favorite Original Sinners book so far. (Though I am totally okay if the next books want to prove me wrong).

We get such an in depth look at Nora, or should I say, Eleanor, and all the interesting jokes and stories that we have all been wondering about from the books in the Red Years. One of those being the lovely thing we heard about all through the Mistress, "He made me water a stick for six months."

Fun times.

We begin the book with a bedtime story to a certain French man who isn't Kingsley (who could it be?) and really dive deep into Elenor's past with this book from the good, funny, and bad that even made me cry. I never thought that these books would make me cry until suddenly there I am late night reading, crying for poor past Nora and her life. I knew that everything obviously would work out to present day, but it didn't matter.

"Every. Thing." She stared at him from across the desk, and this time it was her turn not to blink. "I give you forever, the least you can give me is everything."

Soren was perfect and so was King. I see the boys behind the men even more now. Loved them then, love them even more now. The characters in these books make me want to meet them in real life just to see what kind of trouble we could all get into.

It was extremely smart and perfect to write this sort of prequel series to add to Tiffany Reisz's Red Years. The Saint and I am sure the future White Years books brought the previous books to a whole new level of her world and characters she created in it. It is a beautiful kinky sort of world, and I have to admit, I want more.

Though after the Saint there is only three more books in the works or published by Reisz, I will continue to read her books no matter what even if they don't have my favorite switch and priest. What can I say? I believe she has made it on my list of auto buy favorite authors.

I met Eleanor.


So completely addicting I can't believe that I have five (now six! I had to get The King) of these books in my possession. All that I need to do with them now is proudly display them on my shelf when they can look as fabulous as the words are in side.

If you have read the Red Years, which yes, you should definitely read first. Read The Saint. It certainly won't disappoint.


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