The Virgin by Tiffany Reisz

Let's get right down to it. I love these books and there is no stopping that. And this book starts with the night before a wedding. We have a sinner wedding on our hands everyone! In Scotland!

You know what that means?


Among other things.

From those other things we head back into the past, where we find out what really happened to make Eleanor run from her love Søren. Yes, we are talking about THAT year. It even shocked me. It's not just her that ran either, it was also Kingsley. So prepare yourself for sinful escapades and worry of the future.

What could be more fun than that, right?

“Busy day ahead. Things to do. People to beat. A Dominatrix's work was never done.”

From the beginning to the end, like most of these books, I was hooked. The plot moved fast and was interesting no matter what was going on or whose story we were looking in on. Nora flied to a convent, meeting someone that made her become the Nora we see today. Seriously, best selling writer Nora Sutherlin here...she needed a little push to get there, and the person who shoved, a special girl named Kyrie.

She made sure that Eleanor laughed and survived the painful year. Helped me too, fearing what was to come.

Kingsley even had a lovely time where he meets Juliet. The beauty of it all was magnificent and if you thought that King had no more layers to peel back, think again.

Overall, after all these books, King has grown and made me not only see a lot of myself in him, but also fall in love with him- which I never thought that I would in beginning. He's...he's something. Even if he is arrogant. So much that he may just screw himself in the end sometimes. I have a good feeling that throughout all of this though, he is learning. It just took Soren and Eleanor and Juliet...

There was such honesty of the characters in each page that truly reminded and showed that these books are simply not just about the steamy sex (but do not worry, there is plenty of that as well), it is about the reality and understanding of each of the characters with each other and who they themselves are. Wants, needs and all that.

“And she was hers. But she was his too, and always would be.”

There is no doubt in my mind that this series holds some of the most developed characters I have ever read. They are perfection within flaws and hard to understand decisions they had to make to move them forward to present day. I love this story, and I still cannot believe that we only have one book left coming out in the fall of this series.

That book? The Queen coming out October 27, 2015


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