Nowhere but Here by Renee Carlino

Her first book, Sweet Thing, to this book that while reading I knew I didn't want to be Nowhere but Here (see my pun?) while reading this one either. Renee Carlino brought another book with love and romance and maybe another few secrets to the table and it packs a lovely punch I am glad I didn't miss.

(Plus, anyone notice all these Jamies' going around in different books and shows lately? Not that I am complaining. It seems that all these Jamies' are gorgeous and know what they are doing. Here is another one.)

“There’s nowhere but here. Nothing else matters.”

This book hooked me and sucked me in to love the characters and feel for them every step of this sensual and heartbreaking romance. The ups and the downs! The things that all unfold! Ugh, and I thought that nothing could get better than Sweet Thing, maybe. This novel has its own warm feeling just like Sweet Thing does. And that is what those wonderful types of books do. You don't forget that feeling that held you close while you read it.

Nowhere but Here had that feeling of deep colors and two characters that bring the story together in a real once and a lifetime moment that our Kate had when comes along Jamie.

This was a true romance that is messy in the deepest parts but let's face it, some of the best get that way before it gets to be destiny. And love. On a winery plantation because well, sexy wine apparently.

“Food is like love, you know?… We need it to stay alive… And wine is like poetry.”

Oh Jamie.

Two hearts that thought they were alone came together in a strong and difficult way where I was cheering on the characters the whole way. I needed them to get together again, hoping, there in my mind was no other option...

Because the characters, even the minor ones, to Kate's friends at work or the boy who wants to use her apartment to sleep with his girlfriend, were golden and needed. I couldn't see the story any other way without the quirky feel in such an emotionally driven novel.

But even though I want to go on about how Jamie was fantastic and how I love the bit of diversity put in there with a great portrayal of having diabetes, and how all the other characters were no doubt some of the best family our main character could have sewn together into her life. But let us talk about her. Kate. Because though I wasn't sure about her in the beginning, with the traits to make this book and okay sorta rom-com, she turned into this person that felt real and strong and just...

She was a person that I feel is everywhere. Had a job and a spark of life in that job. Lost the spark and was pretty much wondering what the heck she was doing. But then within the story even without the romance, I loved how she conquered herself and was willing to try and spark herself back by writing what she wanted to and not just about what she had been all this time.

Because she wrote the light and dark and made herself find herself, before she knew that she also had to find that self further with Jamie. And even though I love that sappy romance moment when two characters accidentally see each other a year later and run across a crowed market place to leap into each others arms, I have to say Kate being an actual person and putting herself back together might have been better.

And then we go on to see if the lovely manly Jamie comes back into the picture.

Of course.


I feel like I have so much to say about this book that I didn't get to, or didn't spell out my feelings about it the perfect way I wanted to. It happens though, and what I am trying to get across here is that I liked it...loved it. Vineyards. Romance. Tragedy Unique characters who feel like they are getting some story of a lifetime. There is just something about Renee's writing that sits with me like water slowly dissolving into my skin and chest which makes me know that it is something special here.

Because there is the question of if a happy ending is possible.
And the writing here makes me think. Maybe.
We'll see.
Depends on where the story takes you.


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