The Mime Order by Samantha Shannon

I loved The Mime Order so much, you have no idea how much I loved this and continued to think about it days after reading it. AND THAT ENDING. I need the third book now. How will I ever wait until next year??

Paige came back in the world of Scion better than ever, I love her so much more than I did in the first book, seeing a whole different side of her. Because our little Dreamwalker is a badass and so smart in the best of ways where unlike other heroines I am not constantly wonder why they would do one thing or another while she fights in this novel for the justice that is not being given even in her own world of clairvoyance.

“Welcome back to Scion.”

From wanted criminal to one of the seven seals, this book never got boring with her. And the interactions with the other characters, especially Jax made it even better! They all are flawed with their pasts and are people in a way rather than simply characters most of the time in my mind.

I am so happy as well to see Samantha Shannon's writing evolve in a way from the previous book to this one. The whole world is so greatly crafted and original. It is like it is a delectable dessert that after you finish, you just want more.

“Words are everything. Words give wings even to those who have been stamped upon, broken beyond all hope of repair.”

It is not the characters or the plot the drives these books, it is the characters AND the plot which makes a duo no one can deny.

And maybe a little romance that for once and author has portrayed in the very best way. From beginning to end, their is hints, but it does not control our characters lives. It is a part of it, but with Warden and Paige, it is just there. And I have a good feeling will always be there (which I am really really happy about) when we...I mean she needs it. It is a slow perfect burn that shows that no, Warden is not a good man. But, Warden and Paige even with a few wisps of words here and there, it could be something not to trifle with.

“Madness is a matter of perspective, little dreamer.”

This book was dark, which I always love, and had such diversity in people and magic to make this very different from The Bone Season and keeping the future books coming up moving. Books that I will be reading. The Mime Order also has a glossary like the first, which means that you are getting into some new terminology that I don't know how Samantha comes up with, because it is that fabulous.


So, if you haven't read the Bone Season, I will put it this way, read it. This series is making its way to be one of my favorites...ever. I love the characters and the originality so much. This futuristic, clairvoyant fantasy is my perfect cup of tea and I want more after a stunning cliff hanger that was given at the end.


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