Halloween Screams

Since it is never to early to celebrate something Halloween themed, I finally after many years of hearing about it, went to Field of Screams last night. It was fun...in a slightly terrifying sort of way. Seriously, I had some deja-vu going into one of the attractions as if I was stepping back into a nightmare I had a while back. Or maybe as I like to think about it, I might just be psychic.

That is always the most intriguing possibility.

But back to the field that we had to take a few u-turns to find. What else should I have suspected when walking into insanely confusing mazes of haunted houses where peoples screams are unable to he heard, or girls want you to stay to be their new dolls. Well I did stay and play through the night. It was the only way to keep my sanity.

Seriously it went something like this:

"Do you want to play a game with me?"
Me: "I would love to play!"
"We should play checkers! Do you like checkers??"
Me: "I do! It is one of my favorites."
"We'll have to pull people's teeth out first though!"
Me: "For the game pieces?" She nodded. "Well okay, but I doubt that's very hygienic."

All of this while I skipped around and Kaci clung to my hand and pushed me to lead forward and not go into fight mode. That I don't blame her for the hand though whatsoever. I think I needed it to at some points, since though I did keep my cool and smiled at the monsters as if I was their Queen, her hand was my tether telling my heart to keep moving.


Still though she managed to look fabulous the whole time while I walked around in muddy converse (little boy's size 3) and probably made a fool out of myself smiling at every creepy masked thing like the clown that could have been death themselves, this little girl there ran up to with all her happy excitement to get a photo.

That girl is going places;)

And I went back to Kaci's house to watch much more funny movies like American Pie before crashing on her couch. Today though it is time for my senior pictures, with cool Autumn weather as well as my terrible cold. So that should be great. It is a day that we must pray that makeup can work a few miracles.


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