Wander NYC

Well NYC let me wander its streets again, and I figured I better let you in on some of the photos I took since to be honest, I am quite proud of a few of them since my photography skills are slowly taking their time to grow into acceptable quality. We will get there, blog friends. We will.

Besides the pictures I stood on my toes and pressed against bus windows to get, the event really that I went was for a journalism writing conference at Columbia University where I would stay for the rest of the year if I could. Only for the day though I got a cute little lanyard I refused to put around my neck for the sake of scarf comfort much to the campus security guard's dismay, and a map in case I somehow managed to get lost within the small square of workshop classes. It was nice of them to think of me and my usual getting lost antics, but guess what Columbia campus? I didn't even get lost once! 

Beat that.

The only time I almost got lost yesterday was when we headed from time square to 5th Ave to look at all the pretty things I am too poor to buy. But more on that later I suppose.

So Kaci (you remember the one I went on the Field of Screams advenutre with? Sure you do.) and I went to our first two chosen morning seminars before finding that the first one was canceled and the second was so completely boring, that 45 minutes felt like at the very least, four hours. The dimmed movie theater lighting didn't help the fact either that made it feel like it could be used to take a lovely mid morning nap.

The only thing keeping me from running out of the room was the fact that lunch was next which caused us to walk as if we were complete locals through the streets in search of...yes, the inspiration behind the Seinfeld restaurant. We ate semi-good food there, after we waited out karma for a booth seat for a long long time.

So long in fact that I am sure that I walked off my meal before I even got to eat it so anything would have tasted like a blessing. What also did was the glory of how we found two bookstores on our escapades. One of which was two floors of new and used books. Wanting to live in Columbia University, maybe I take that back. I may go and try to live there at Book Culture. That is if the upstairs shelves didn't look like they could topple me with books and the possible ghost that has been sentenced to haunt their bindings. Maybe I could add some string lights though, a few little touches. Decorating can do a lot after all. Just look at the average collage dorm.

Before I could lay out my new bookish home's floor plan though we made our way back and managed to eventually sit down at the restaurant once and for all. I had a cheese burger that may have tasted a whole lot better than I am sure it was supposed to in my hunger that Kaci and I were sure was transforming into hanger.

Which means by waiting we may have missed a few of the other seminars, but we did make it to one more before Manhattan called to us and the bus we rode towards it on. Fast walking through the crowds and half naked women painted as the American flag, we saw the beauty of Anthropologie making me want to stop spending money on everything until I can afford a dress that by no doubt will be out of style by the time I pay for it. Just like the dress we passed with furry eyeballs on it in the Saks window. It belonged to Fendi which I have always known for their bags rather than clothing. On that note, Fendi could keep it.

Our supper was Starbucks and a chocolate croissant by the time darkness set in and our time in the city was dawn to a close. 

But it was nice, even though my legs still hurt from all the physical activity and now yes, I am behind on NaNoWriMo. Wish me luck to catch back up and I hope everyone had interesting adventures.


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