Brunch of Breakfast

I went out for breakfast last weekend because I am a person who needs to get out of the house so that I do not go insane for even more severe wanderlust that is never quenched. Plus, I rarely would say no to my mother who promised one as lovely as it was, with creamy cappuccinos prepared in a place that referred itself to a pantry of its own. Also, breakfast. Who says no to breakfast? Crazy people with pallets that don't enjoy sweets at ten a.m., that's who.

The air as we waited for our seat at the bar covered in cherry muffins, felt the crispness of spring trying to tease us or overtake winter in their ever ongoing battle we ourselves like to participate in. 

The ever interesting question of, warm? Or cold? 

I must admit that I am ever shifting on my own answer since even if I like many do not want to believe it, let's face it we always want what we may not have even if it is only for a few days and not season that decides whether I can wear short shorts or wrap myself in my own hug of fabric my favorite sweater has to offer. Right now, I find do myself most attracted to it and the way it almost passes my knees but still can look more or less respectable out and about with a pair of booty heels that click in that way that makes me feel power each and every step. 

Lipstick makes it even better. That is if it lasts longer than the many times my teeth scrape over my chapped lips or take a sip of that caramel warmth that complimented the best cinnamon french toast I may have ever had. 

Didn't even feel guilty as I reached the last few tiny bites that were left there, sad and drenched in maple syrup. 

Yet, does that mean that I prefer warmth containing the shivers the moment I step outside of the front door? Or do I like the warmth of sun breathing over my spf 50 skin? One can have one without the other. I may like it that way. 

The same way I like to take far too many pictures in places that people may look me a little silly over their own deep mugs of coffee they lift a hand for the waitress to refill.


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