Research the Past

To research is a very interesting thing. I mean you can see it in your mind first of all. A scholarly writer type at a long oak table with huge volumes of who knows what spread out before them, one finger holding a page while the other must be used to scan line by line in the bible paged history as if finding the treasure map on the back of the deceleration. When I sometimes think of it I also see this scholarly person as a female Merlin, hat and all. Because Arthurian tales really set the mood.
Unfortunately in my case as I start up a new novel I hope will be lovely, it also will come with a lot of research. Like a lot a lot since I have never done something where I need to be so on point with historical accuracy like this one.

Which sort of makes me excited and scared. In a good adventurous way...of course.

Though unlike magical books which will flip to the exact information I need that is actually correct and not simply a guess in the dark, I am here to jot down all the notes that I may need (not going to, but may possibly need for only a word or two in this book) in my fancy green pen to differentiate it from the rest of the mess in my journal.

Seriously, I am going to know so much about a topic that I doubt many would care to. Think about how fun I will be at parties talking about some 1800s randomness! And I thought that obsessively going on about the last book I read and thus spoiling the end would make me a winner.

All of this is a lot of work, and a slightly good procrastination method that I do not need when adding on the fact that while fact does come into play, I need to write this work of fiction. A novel that I am going to keep under wraps from even you guys for right now until I get on track and rolling like a old timey steam train.

So wish me some muse while I bring the past into the pages of now.


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