To Write the Awful

I will admit, to write badly but keep going hurts my soul a bit. Okay, more than a bit, but I just have to keep telling myself that when I go back and rewrite this COMPLETED draft I can make it pretty. So I do that. Again and again and again and again. The point it that I have been writing words over the past few days (yay) even if they won't make it to the final before the rest of the finals in long run just the way they all are flat and lifeless like stirred soda. Because like that soda, it would leave a terrible taste in my mouth.

And my entire being.

​Basically this is a quick update in the writing life when I haven't been distracted by the closely related reading. Writing I always knew has been a long process of years. I mean when I first started Red a good year and a half, it was a nearly completely different story than it is now (still not all completed since I kept changing things). Only one or two of the characters remain with the same names, none with exactly the same personality they started out with. I suppose that means that Red has been through a lot of work and progress. Always hoping that the progress is for the better, especially when I still believe it has a bit more to go in this draft and then the next.

As I keep writing, some days more than others...and some days I will admit you guys since I get to hope you won't judge me, that means more than none when my laptop doesn't even boot up for the day... I plan in my mind for all the work once I get through this next draft to go smoothly or a bit more quickly than it all has been.

Though if there is one thing I have learned from writing so long, is that plans never turn out exactly the way I think they will. Blame it on bad luck or the optimistic perfection gene embedded into the manuscript. Doesn't matter, slowly but surly I am chugging along.


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