Passion of Pages

My book buying problem is not a problem. It is a passion of wanderlust even if I don't move very far from where I sit once I begin flipping through the pages of far off lands and romances many only dream of. Including myself.

So it is no wonder that I cannot go into a bookstore and not come out with something on the extremely long to be bought and read list I have going.

Some recent reads I thought I'd share since I just picked them up at the lovely Barnes & Noble that I hardly get to often since I live so far away from one.

Salt of the Sea by Ruta Sepetys, let's face it was a must buy after her other books of historical fiction were just as good as my friend who near forced me to read them promised. And ha! I even beat her to reading this one the whole way through. She better watch out for fear I may spoil a part...or two. But I shall restrain as best I can to all I come across that are Ruta fans even more than me. Like a girl in my write class that saw the cover on my desk, point, and then gasp in excitement.

I'm sure I could find some people to do the same with Colleen Hoover which I have taken a liking to and have slowly been building my collection. So far Ugly Love, Hopeless, Slammed, Point of Retreat, and November 9 has been read. Now Maybe Someday shall be added to the list. 

The third book though I don't think has been to known quite yet as a debut. I wouldn't have been aware of how great Losing the Light sounds if not for the great bookstagram of Alyssa from Swept Away by Books. Can't wait for a great contemporary abroad story as I get back into the reading mood, even though I should really be writing.

Instead of books I should get someone to just yell at me to write. This past week it would be greatly appreciated. But since that appears to be not an option, what is everyone reading so far this week?
Anything life changing?


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