A Word to Learn

I have the learning bug. The bug where in certain situations I just can't help myself but want to know everything and read everything. I want to know all books, style, take up french and become fluent so that I can travel to Paris and drink as much chocolate chaud as I please. And oh yeah, can that happen ASAP? Because I am still on video 6 of 40 of Crash Course Psychology and not only because I have an AP test to try and study for coming up, but I am strangely determined to get to the end and smart up the world with my somewhat useless knowledge.

As human beings it is said that this is actually a thing. That we are hardwired to want to learn in some ways and in times like this past week, I completely believe it. If we weren't after all, I doubt that the school in Europe where they do not force the kids at a boarding school to go to class would work after the first few weeks of freedom, and my psych notes would be a lot less neat. The only thing that could make them more put together besides various sharpies that don't bleed through paper is tuition to that school...or Oxford. Imagine all the libraries there! My heart flutters to think.

My brain also flutters to know that you are probably raising your eyebrows at this point thinking, "What a nerd." Well, I am flattered you think so.

Maybe I don't mind because I never exuded the pain of needing to be smart. Not striving to be valedictorian like all my book heroines somehow manage to be. I'm just here with a pen and a momentary lapse of how I should be writing a novel and not reading up on the conditions of Victorian Parisian prostitutes. Seriously, ask me anything about the topic- I probably know the answer and will go on for a good hour. Only because of course no one else would ever ask about the wonderful courtesans that frequented Maison Closes, or how the real reason cops had to keep an eye on them was not for any real worrying reason other than to make sure all these girls didn't 'corrupt the rest of society.' Fun, right? No? It's an interesting topic, alright? A topic that lead me a television show I binge-watched in French for over eight hours.


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