Books Bring People Together

At least those of Sarah J Maas seem to from when I called my local bookstore located a half hour away, for her new and super wonderful book, A Court of Mist and Fury, a few days early- you know just in case they were over excited to and put it on the shelves early. And of course when I burst through the Books a Million homeland doors in search for not only a copy of the book, but the joyess signed version the man on the phone hinted at when I bothered then too early Saturday morning.

When I got there to search though, not only did I find the vied for book, but another girl in her catholic school skirt still holding in her hands while browsing the other sections. There staring at it, I had a decision to make my social axiety sometimes kicks in with. Today though I was as strong and badass as Celena and Feyre though because I smiled, "Are you getting A Court of Mist and Fury?" 

Her eyes widened and she smiled with me, her big hair bouncing- or maybe that was me hopping up and down from bookish happiness. "Yes!" 

"Oh my god, I am so excited." 

"Me too!" 

Looking around I leaned in a little closer, perhaps even breaching her personal space a bit. "I can't wait to see more Rhysand." 

At this her happiness holding the book grew, "You like him too? So many petople are against him." 

"Uh, like him?" I said, "I love him. Seriously I only hope Feyre stays with Tamlin so that I can have Rhys all to myself." 

...then we geeked out a little more. Because that is what should always happen between people in a bookstore. Buy books, touch books, admire the books, and fangirl all over the books. It's just the right thing to do in my opinion. A opinion that was actually retweeted by Sarah J Maas and a few others which had never happened before!

I also figure since Sarah replied and retweeted me, the only next logical step is meeting her and becoming friends so that I can awkwardly gush all about my feelings that literally came out of me while reading ACOMAF. Seriously, it is so good guys!!


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