My group of prom friends are far too gorgeous, don't worry, I know. I also know for fact that I was thinking that I would never post something about prom. Reason being of how I didn't think I wanted to go this year to begin with. But, I went. So here we are reminance of how this is life, and life is sometimes bundled up in victory rolls and vintage lace dresses that are far too fun to twirl around in to feel the crinoline scratch against my calves.

The dress actually that I decided to wear to my senior prom, is the same one my mom wore to hers. Thus, it has now been crowned Vintage 1989 with far more style than the Taylor Swift song. Seriously, I felt like a queen- or a duchess. You can decide as long as it comes with a flare of 1940s and t-straps that look like 20s spats. From spinning to trying the mash-potato, I can now anoint these heels with license to be worn whenever I feel like it since they got their christening of being stepped on and fallen over the appropriate amount of times.

Plus, they helped to make me feel more like myself than ever in this outfit. That is mostly the reason I went to prom to begin with so you know. To dress up. Because if I actually went for the food or to dance to music that would allow to actually dance and not grind up against some dude's crotch, I would have been vastly dissapointed.

We all did our best though trying to dance on the ballroom floor. I had fun even if the class of 2016 was either just standing there as if waiting for an engraved invitation, or creating the well known circle.

You know the circle.

No? Well, let me introduce you to the award cult classic that I think is just plain awkward. Couples stand around in a circle, guy behind girl holding her waist while both of them just casually shimmy in a more sophisticated sort of grind as they all stare at each other.

If there is such a thing.

It was huge this year either or which way, and so with a deep breath that I needed to keep in my hatred of the club music instead of fun upbeat tunes to dance and sing along with, I grabbed my one other friend that didn't think I would actually do it after daring myself. I pushed through the mass of bodies slowly swaying against each other and suddenly- I was in the center of the circle. Eyes of grinders widened as I twirled and danced with no fear in the middle of them all. Because now the couples holding each other were not looking at more couples next to them...they were staring at me like they were in first class and I was Rose when she went down to third. You know, to spice up life.

I figured that no one cared what I did after all. I felt bold, confident. They were the ones doing the average thing I still just don't understand unless you are seriously going to break out some fancy Dirty Dancing moves. Otherwise it just does not look sexy. Especially since you aren't really looking into your partners face from the time they asked you out. That is just me though.

Me, who would rather throw up my hands to the beat and shimmy on my own, I suppose.

Even though the freezing ballroom with the music bass that may have impaired my hearing for the rest of the night, and corset boning of the dress cutting into my skin whenever I sat down. Still, I could not help but not want to take it off. I much rather to sit in front of the mirror on the floor and think. Until next time. The next time being when I can feel fabulous and look it at the same time in all the vintage mess that is me. Hopefully, it will be better than prom.


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