The Apollo Awards

The Apollo Awards is the Tony Awards– PA high school edition. 

Over the past years I've heard of magical nominations in the proudly funded musical each year, while I in the fall play where we nearly always have one of the set's walls fall down, still strived for the possibility of wowing a judge during performance. 
Year after year: Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland, You Can't Take it With You, to 12 Angry Jurors. Though I was not nominated in my last role, I did get spirit of the theater with other dedicated cast members from shows, which meant I got a seat at the Apollos.

And let me tell you, those kids who performed on stage...I would not have been surprised if they were actual children of the Greek god.

Before all the magnificence happened that lead to me taking so many pictures of the Hershey Theater that no, was not made out of chocolate, I feel that I should tell you that I was almost late. Readers, I am never late. Punctuality was one of my strengths on my career education essay in 10th grade. Yet ready for this fancy an hour early from when I was to be leave, I get a text from the most lovely theater friend.

You know we have to be here at 5:15 for run through, right?

My eyes widened as I laid on my bed half dressed. No. No I did not know this.

Oh my god, did [insert guilty director party here] not tell you?

No, I thought in horror, no he did not.

She didn't think this was much of a surprise either. So ensues that horror as I run down the hallway pulling the pins holding my curls because it is now almost 5:10. Dashing to the car with heels in hand and hairspray flying, not a picture was taken of my black lace dress. But let me tell you something.
Theater is set to run late. The first performance was running late in rehearsal. I was running late, and thus... I made it on time. 

I made it to find my seat on time. Since the world has to even out though, as I was finding my seat in the theater, my name is no longer Kendra Mase, it is Kendra Massey.


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