Wander Wine Fest

Another year, another wine fest at the PA Ren Fair grounds.

So we have skipped spring and went right to summer. I should be surprised but I am not as I ditch my fluffy morning sweaters for floral sun dresses and a new peachy pair sun glasses that rarely leave my face. It was the picture of what I looked like this year at the Flavor Fest held at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Fair grounds. Most people go to buy and taste wine all day; I go to take a whole lot of photos and pet the alpacas.

Along with them comes with the wonderful being that is funnel cake on a stick. Yes, it is a thing and it is wonderful with strawberry icing. I may or may not have dipped my finger in said icing a few times after finishing the cake part. It was only right to keep my sugar up on what I must say has been the absolute hottest day of the year. So much so that only misting tents set up along the paths could save anyone from the heat of the sun.

Sunscreen in a think sheen also helped before stepping out of the car along with a mint milkshake I sucked down before it could melt.

Walking around and looking at the jewelry, one of my favorite things as well to see each year is the glass station where, hiding in a slice of shade, I watched a man blow glass into a wine glass. The colors are always so beautiful and it is on my list of many things I would love to learn or at least try, though I am sure my glass would be less beautiful masterpiece of light- and more paperweight.
The sights and experience area always what I love about festivals, this one being one of my favorites when it hasn't been so hot and crowded in previous years. 

Still though, sweating all day in my sundress I am grateful for the moments I spend with my mom in these days before I will be heading off to college in the fall. I mean, she even humors me when setting up photos so they look more "artsy." I can always appreciate that.


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