Have a Sunny Day

While at work, I on occasion have a good story to tell. Many I don't bore you with, but this little conversation...well it certainly make my early morning a little brighter.

A father and his little girl with blond curls were walking up towards the counter. Each of them had their own card in their hands which wasn't very surprising since tons of people were buying into the last minute Father's Day gimmick- even as seen here, the father's themselves. 

"I WANNA HOLD IT," the girl held her card in a bear hug against her chest. 

"Okay, but we have to pay for it first." 

Nodding to this compromise, the little girl set the card on the counter along with her dads choice. As I begin to ring them up, the father's smile he had been keeping turns into a light laugh. 

"What's so funny?" The girl sasses in the way only a three maybe four year old can. 

"Nothing sweetheart, your card is funny is all." Looking up to me he smiled once more, "I was going to make her put it back, but I figured that I would look back on the card and laugh in a few years." 

Narrowing my eyes with my average half smile I kept on my face for my shift, I looked down at the vibrantly colored card. A happy yellow sun and flowers were on the front. There it said something to the effect of "it is a bright and sunny day..." Which I thought was cute.
Then I opened the card. "So don't eff it up." 

Smiling truly now, I tried not to laugh for the little girls sake who could not read the masterpiece as I finished ringing them up.

Yes, I would look back on that happy little card fondly too.


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