On an Orientation Day

My current read this weekend was The Problem With Forever. Such a great cover and really enjoying the story through little moments during my freshman orientation and other pop up events that send you places never expected.

Especially good stories all by themselves that include a friend with his need to never back down from a fun dare by yelling compliments out the window to random passerbys, "Nice shirt! Seriously it's awesome!" He gave a thumbs up on either side of his Jurassic Park tee two stories down to the man who kept walking to only moments later decide that dropping down on one knee in the middle of the residence hall doorway to quote love poetry from Shakespeare to the next person he saw was a great idea. Which it was, and performed to another guy frozen is the best of shock as he read line after dramatic line from his phone so be wouldn't forget the good parts.

Old mansion houses with window views are always a plus as well even when the hallways were sweltering with heat. Bed frame pressed against the window I opened it a crack with hopes no creepy crawlers would make there way in. The breeze was lovely whenever the window caught it.

Lying in the dark I couldn't help but wonder if this room, or one similar would be where I'll live this upcoming year. 

At least then I'll have something to be entertained by besides how loud the dorm beds squeak. A little thing that I notice hasn't changed much since the last time I slept in one at Susquehanna last year where Loren and I laughed for a good ten minutes about every time we moved for more thoughtful future reasons than just the noise.

If orientation has any indication of the soon school year, I'll say that it is one word however you'd like to take it, but I recommend taking it in the fun way whatever that may be. Interesting...and full of pizza.


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