My days are not always those I dream of, little adventures in place of big while my mason jar of coins fill up though will never make a large enough dent in any sort of travel fund. Thought that being the case, I still feel those little moments that whisper how they care to be shared.

Like how the other day wearing comfy clothes that equal the fact of how I don't plan on leaving the house while watching the opening Olympic ceremony, also gave me insight on myself. My father had his coworker and his wife stop at the house before they all went out on their exciting escapades while I ate box Mac n Cheese. The woman who I found illustrates and is soon actually going to be published in a friend's book for chapter headers walked over to me at one point.

"When you walked by, I just felt this feeling. You have such a strong confident  presence of aura," she told me in some form of words. 

A set that I do not fully understand, but makes me smile still as I process. My aura is strong. I am strong and badass. You hear that world? Maybe when I feel low or lacking, I can remember that and try once again as I apparently was without realizing it, to be.

On a last moment memory, I also went to a library book sale in the morning, dozens of people already carrying out reusable shopping bags- or even more surprising, carts of books out the doors. Rows of tables were set up as I squeezed through a caustrophobic nightmare to glance at the classics before setting a spot to mosey the paperbacks.

While searching to the soundtrack of Hamilton the library was playing, and trying not to sing along with my own wrong set of lyrics I thought were the correct ones, after a few minutes, I realized the woman next to me was talking. Everyone was to one another, debating whether they heard this or that book was good, or if anyone saw such and such title.

I began to talk to. Just little things. Little smiles as they loaded their arms and prepared bags up with reading material. Whenever I passed a book I have read and loved, I couldn't help but want to pawn it off to a good home that would love it as much as I love my copy on my shelf. Everyone was there with a love of getting books no matter how little room in their homes that had for another stack (me included). Another moment that strikes me as a time when books whether for pleasure or knowledge bring people together.

A girl who just graduated college next to me at a table was looking for Big Magic.

"I mean, I doubt it will be here since it is so new and still only in hardcover," she said after sending her younger sister to scout another table for it.

I shrugged and glanced around, "You never know."

With a hopeful smile, she shrugged too. 

On my way out I nodded a goodbye to her. A book sale friend I didn't even know the name of. Halfway across the room though, I saw it. Grabbing the silky Big Magic in my hands, I raised it in the air. "Look!"

After a few more attempts, she turned with wide eyes.

"I found it!"

I only found my own five books to add my packed shelf. What? They needed a home. 


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