Telephone Talk

I understand why people make phone calls now. Not a text. A call.

Today, in this day and age, it is a startling thing when instead of a single vibration or ting protruding from your cellular device, the sound continues on. Ringing ringing ringing until your only choice is to the piece of glass and plastic to your face before hearing the startling and questionable sound. The voice of another person.

You usually say hello and they say something or the sort back. Unless one is really suave business person and they just say their name into the phone like, "Go for John." As if you didn't know it was them you put aside a fair amount of time for to begin with.

It is surprising in a deep sense. That many of us, including me when I am not expecting a call, are around words and communication everyday, but fear to actually speak it. Because that is when things get difficult. It is also when it gets interesting.

As I have grown in case you have not notice blog friends, I have become a fan of  words. Written, if I have the choice and a lot to say. Want to know why? Those kind of words you are reading right now, they were far more looked at, and far less trouble to not screw up in an actual conversation that usually has turned into a game of theatrical improv for me. When writing things down, at least when I know what I am trying to translate, there has been no, "wait, what?" Or "I'm sorry I can't hear." A phrase when coined with that signature 'what the hell? is this chick on drugs?' face, has made feel smaller and almost guaranteed that I would not try to share that piece of my brain's interworkings again.

Or if I do, it is when I can attempt to correct. To do a language I stumble over whether it be my birth English or app learned French, proud.

In conversation, the communication is quick. Sharp for the wit to snap in a moments notice and for me to stumble over the crack in the sidewalk before I can speak coherently. That is the real difference. In text messages, I have all the time in the world. Time to think, write, delete and write again until exactly what I wanted translated with the personality I believe I have, through taps of a phone. Perhaps, you are who you want to be through those faceless messages.

Sometimes though, you are who you are.

You are who you need to be.

That's seen each time my hand hits call with the anxiety being not having much to say or not knowing what to say if you end up bothering the person on the other end who could be at the movies or shopping for organic fruit at the farmers market. That is seen when I open up my contacts and stare at it for a moment before hitting the phone. My mom picks up, and I feel a presence with another voice with me in my empty dorm room where the only voice I have been hearing is my own mind. That, and of course the cheering from the volleyball court outside my window.

There is a fine between being alone and being lonely.

And loneliness if you have not noticed, is everywhere. And it all has to do most of the time, with communication. You know that cheesy line "screaming in a crowded room and no one even looks up?"

It is funny since we are such in an age when we are more connected with everyone at that click of a button- and yet, I, starting up college, am around people every day, rushing in between classes with the hope that I don't end up tripping up the stairs that are really crowded since the stairwell is one of the only ones in the entire building that leads to the mysterious fourth floor (sadly not the forbidden third floor with magical moving steps). Yet, somehow, still manage find myself devoid of that crucial human contact that is more than just dreaded small talk.

It could be that because of social media, a conversation face to face has become a little too personal now a days. Oddly intimate to see someone's mind and words form up close.

Like seeing a movie being filmed without all the graphics and music. All that is there is two people making out without noise to cover up the saliva lip smacking, but with a standby of a dozen producers and makeup touch ups near by.

You know, for aesthetic.

It is time to speak perhaps, time to love and live freely rather than stumbling over what we would have agonized to perfection on a cell phone keyboard. Because even in messages, let's face it, we make mistakes. We somehow managed to train our bodies to turn the butt calls into butt texts. And you cannot tell me that you haven't misread an attitude from someone who replied "yeah, that's just fine," after you asked if a certain restaurant would be suitable for the even more lost in translation event called date night.

Let's pull it back into today. Let's pull phone calls were we hear the laughs rather than lol's and haha's back into style. Need a quick message. Fabulous. But it is time to make mistakes, and find friends face to face that love you as much as the fantastic people of twitter do. Phone calls can help understand, and learn about someone. Phone calls can reconnect and fill the soul of those who need that love and knowledge that they are not alone. Even if it is only to ask how the weather is upstate, because it is hot and humid and the fan isn't helping it one bit here.

Even if possibly like this post, your conversion doesn't make much sense at all. But hey, you got those pretty little words out to dance around the world, didn't you?

They are happy you let them free.


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