A Lovely List

Or rather a Happy List, depending on who you are.

  • red pottery mug I got at the art fair
  • wearing robe and vintage nightgown far into the day
  • showing off said outfit of pajamas
  • getting to really know someone
  • remembering new French words
  • messy morning blankets you never want to leave
  • slowly waking up eyes
  • morning stretches
  • mess of wavy hair
  • natural lighting 
  • sleeping in (at least a little on the weekends)
  • lounging in bed after waking up
  • new books
  • when hardcover books look good naked
  • random twitter people who seem to care
  • eating marshmallows for a sore throat
  • cheesy romance novels
  • thinking that the day is going to be good before it starts
  • making plans- and actually executing them
  • sipping coffee until it gets cold


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