I Tried to be a Fashion Blogger

I tried to be a fashion blogger- no seriously, I tried in late middle school early high school to be fashion forward and savy like Isabella from Views of Now and Steffy's Pros and Cons. Let's simply say that it didn't stick, and my mother was and still is not the best photo taker in the world.

Sometimes though, I do get the itch. Because when I am wearing an outfit that makes me look great, well I have to document it somehow! Don't you love social media these days?

This time though as I took random photos between bouts of wandering the rows of university Club Day tables, I actually had my lovely friend, Logan Rock, take the photos and not my well meaning mother. It is no surprise that the guy who likes photography and is an integrative media major got a few better shots as well (I am trying to convince him to get a website or something to show off his fantastic nature shots for you all to enjoy as we speak, don't worry). Taking them though, it made me remember another reason why fashion blogging didn't work out- besides my awful humor and need to write more than necessary in blog posts where it seems in some cases no one cares what I had to say unless it had something to do with the question, "What were you wearing?"

It's like I was on the red carpet pre-Reese Witherspoon. Of course, it also makes me feel very fabulous and fashion forward. So bring it on! Ask me where I got my clearance shelf clothes and bracelet from my roommate. I am ready this time around.

The reason it didn't quite work out was because I got distracted a lot. I couldn't pose to save my life without laughing, wandering off (it is a theme with me) after seeing a flower to stick behind my ear only to get it stuck in my frizzy hair, or kicking my foot up into a quirky pose. Somehow though, Logan managed to get a few good photos that made me almost reconsider my random blog post choices. Still, writing here makes me happy as seen in the photo above, even if that smile is very unlike the sexy lingerie bloggers I now would strive to be in the fashion world if I had the pleasure to lie my hands on a La Perla or Agent Provocateur set just once. 

Some lace is simply swoon worthy!

Maybe one day.

And on that day, I will wear it around the house, the grocery store, it will be no mystery what I am wearing even underneath my favorite thrift finds, since I will certainly be showing it off to everyone. Hear that luxury lingerie brands? Free advertising, right over here for all things gorgeous.

For today though, here I am working through new writing opportunities and classes that have started as I try to not let them diminish my passion of writing in whatever form. Wait, try? Pitiful. I won't. Because I am here, for you guys, yes, but for me too. These words my soul I am finally getting comfortable with sharing on the moments ago stagnant blank page.

I just have to keep the love alive in whatever form. Whether that be from flouncing around in heels, to writing this as I am on my bed with a craving for mint chocolate chip ice cream. Yet another form of love. 

Especially if it has two spoons.

I'll give one to you, blog friends, if you will help me keep posting, keep bugging Logan to take fancy-dancy photos when I actually care to be in them. It will remind me of my love, and that I also need to write on my other super secret projects that I question more than any terrible joke I post on here.

Also just because. Since you, yes you reading this, you are as fabulous as a fashion blogger...


Maybe even more.


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