I'm a Hopeless Bored Wanderer

When I get bored, I look at my plants a lot. And by plants, I mean the little bamboo stick on my desk packed together with glue and rocks, and the two succulents that probably glare at me each time I move them back and forth from the shelf to the window. Little do they know that I am trying to give them sun and not over water them with all my might. That, and that I am bored.

That is the moment that I start to wander. A habit of mine I can't, and pretty sure that I don't want, to break. Whether my friends laugh when I wander off in Target to look at tea cans with ornate designs that I don't need (the tea making problem I have once again. Someone come make me tea) or not. Not when it is an exploring I can do everywhere and anywhere from the grandest destination, to the public library down the road that won't let me check any books out since I am a college student rather than an actual tax paying resident of the surrounding area. Or I think that is why. Because despite having a name that calls the place a Free Library, I can't help but feel weighed down by all the books I wanted to read in the comfort of my bed by the window that I sometimes put my succulents in.

It is also the time that when one girl from the floor down comes all the way up to ask if everyone wanted to play a midnight game of hide-n-seek with a blanket cocooned around her, I said absolutely. Because it is just polite even if not to the eight a.m. pharmacy students. They were welcome to join me on the serving stairs of the house where all I had to do was hide on the stairs, curled up in a little ball with eyes on the cobweb in the corner. Since you can never be too sure.

Care to Wander? Here are a few ideas for the hopeless bored wanderer like me.

Take a Walk

Simple, yes, but who knows where it may take you. By the river, to get some ice cream, for someone to accidentally mistake you for someone else before talking you into taking their place in show and thus becoming a famous pop-star...Plus if you take a walk, you can say that you did some physical activity today.

Create an Adventure

Make plans. Like serious bucket list wandering plans. Whether it be to that fancy theater you wanted to try out, or a month in Rome. On severe wanderlust days I do this often. I look up flights, interesting things to do, pictures to sigh over, the works until I am somewhat sad that I am not packing up to head off into the great wide somewhere ASAP. Create an adventure whatever it may be. Never know what will bring on a spark of daily inspiration. Whether you go on it or not is up to you. I usually don't but always hold out hope that one day I will.

The Mall

As Robin from How I Met Your Mother would say, "Let's go to the mall today!" Get bored in one store, travel to another and try on fancy outfits. Nothing is more confidence boosting then trying on and looking fabulous in an outfit that you can't afford, even if you love it and can't afford it...that is always a little sad. Besides that though, I find it comforting to be around fabrics and other people who are all around me for possibly the same reason- or be around books at the bookstore next door. Swiping my hands over the spines of fantastic novels, it is like I am standing on a portal to new worlds right there at my finger tips.

Take the Leap of Faith

...and try something new. Go zip lining or for a small trip over the weekend with a few friends or just yourself so some wandering peace. And if you do go somewhere amazing on your own, who knows who you may meet. Another leap of faith, perhaps?

Hope everyone this weekend in the silent moments takes their time to wander themselves or the places and adventures all around you. Even if they are hard to see. Trust me, I know.

I'll wish you luck if you do the same to me?


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