Alarm Alarm Alarm

Within my time at college you expect the average things. The late nights. The eating junk food and coffee while doing jumping jacks in the corner to stay fit. Having three fire alarms within a short few weeks of time, it wasn't what I thought would be a highlight to cover. Alas, here we are.

The first time, it was the middle of the day. Sitting in our respective desks, me and Allison were chatting when we first heard the unnatural ring honk of the alarm sounding around us. Looking at each other we both seemed to causally nod before deciding what we needed within a few past paced seconds. My necessities? My flip flops which I hesitated on, seriously! I paused on the thought of...hmm, fire may be engulfing the building the building, do I need my shoes? The answer in the end was why yes, I most likely, I did. Sliding them on I went for my keys, phone, and a book. Not even my favorite book sitting on the shelf- no, just the random book that was sitting on my bed to be read hopefully at a later time.

Obviously my priorities were straight.

Luckily it was the classic lack of water in a mac n cheese cup malfunction sending a gulf of smoke onto the second floor, but nothing more serious than teasing the girl who was having a bad day.

The second time though, oh, the second time.

12:30 a.m. About a week later and a great time of night to actually get some sleep before an eight a.m exam. Finally drifting off after spending far too much time in the sunlight of my phone, I heard a noise. Blinking my eyes open in the pitch darkness illuminated by the shining blue WiFi connector on the ceiling. I heard it again.

Fire alarm.

My startled brain jolted me out of the warm cocoon of my bed as I processed, "Why yes, I was sleeping," one part of my brain complained. "Why yes," the other half agreed, "but we must get up now so that I don't possibly burn in an inferno of death."

Yanking at my phone from its charger, it seemed like it didn't want to leave its little comforting home for the night as well until I nearly pulled the whole thing out of the wall. In a fire after all, they say to just drop everything and get out. But this, let me tell you, goes against human nature. It goes against grab bags and everything a good survivalist stands for if they don't get trapped in a burning building.
This time after all in my night time mess, I thought that I was prepared as I ripped my phone free.

Phone? Yes. Shoes? No question this time. I was going for them all when I also realized I had another job.

"Allison!" She was out cold. "Allison, wake up! Wake up!" I may have been doing an impersonation of Darla from Finding Nemo if I didn't know that Allison was not a fish, I was not dreaming, and she also needed to get out of bed with me. We were going to get through this together.  "Allison!"

Before I needed to walk over and physically shake her, she was up with a pop-tart like quality. Last second as I yelled at her to get moving through call of the alarm, I grabbed my necklace and jacket, putting them both on as I made my way out the door where others were congregating to head down stairs. Peeking behind me, I saw a half asleep roommate stumbling along.

"Allison, YOUR SHOES."

Looking down, only now she realized, hurrying back in for flipflops by the door before everyone made there way down and out from the stairs. Funny thing unlike the first time though, there wasn't a lot of smoke. Wasn't anything really to be honest or anyone to tease right away for giving up a middle of the night wake up call.

So we stood outside for what felt longer than it probably was as more people filed out.

"I was in the bathroom!" One of the guys yelled.

Another apparently from upstairs as well wasn't too happy either. He had fallen asleep earlier with his laptop, and when the fire alarm freaked out, so did he. Flying up, his computer shattered to the ground.

I was sleeping. And now I was frozen trying to help Allison by wrapping my arms around her since she didn't have a jacket. She was lucky she had shoes.

The fire trucks came, public safety came and stayed on the second floor when we all finally got the a-okay. A room apparently wasn't going to be in the best of spirits for the rest of their morning either. Their vaping that we had all been silently ignoring, finally setting off the smoke detectors. Surprise, surprise. The mystery of why the hallways always smelt like a cupcake or burnt popcorn that no one ever was eating, was also solved. Yay...just your casual Tuesday.


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