The Lift

Not the an elevator, lift. The Lift, Lift. The lifts of all lifts that swoops the lifted off the ground like soaring angel most people can only imagine unless they have hunky guy with good arms. You must know what I am talking about unless the word 'lift' doesn't even look like a word anymore from me saying it so many times. Seriously, I just spent a moment staring at it wondering if spell check finally gave up on trying to help me after all our time together.

We are talking about the Dirty Dancing lift.

Now, I am already very familiar with this lift. You would be too if you shared my love of the hit 80's film and have a slight obsession with Baby's wardrobe evolution throughout including her magically white bras. Who knows how she keeps those things so bleach white on vacation in the middle of nowhere? All while falling in love with the highly sexy Patrick Swayze! (Side note, after watching this movie so many times, you bet I tell people that the acclaimed actor taught me how to mambo.) It truly should be classified as some supernatural feat, just as my parents should be. Throughout my life after all, and as far as I know, they are still managing to pull of the majesty that is the lift themselves.

One of these days I am prepared to watch them try and it turn into the commercial where the wife comes in far too hot before crashing into the table where the salad bowl goes flying.

Until that day I admire and should probably tell them to learn the whole final dance and enter a contest or something. To lift someone like a very large squash above your head after all...claps all around. It will always, no doubt, be a crowd pleaser.

So now at college, imagine my shock when I mentioned the classic "No one puts Baby in the corner" line, that neither of my new friends respond. Which could only mean one thing.

They have never seen Dirty Dancing.

Neither had I until I believe the summer around seventh grade or so with my father, but after that, it is held a solid spot in my favorite top five films with little wiggle room behind Titanic. 

This fault in film culture was quickly remedied.

And that is, my friends, how I had one friend running upstairs to the guys floor in search of a boy to drag back to the room for one reason and one reason only. The lift. Before my very eyes it was done. The feat had happened between within a dozen tries, no lake or wet t-shirts needed. Only a good few calculating eyes on the final dance scene.

"Oh, so my hands go on her hips more."

Yes yes, different things where tried as Maryann dove into arms that lifted her above his head with a squeal of accomplishment. All of us were one step closer to becoming part of a good eighties film, and Baby. We had already got the awkwardness down, but show we had the dance potential too.

 I got it on video. Where the video ended up. That is another question. 

So I'll share the much better true version here. 


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