Those Crisp October Vibes

As this October has already be sprung upon us, I suppose I should have entitled this Fall or the more sophisticated, Autumn Vibes. But no, I have a feeling that this cool dreary October is going to be a good one. 

It has to be since I have pages after pages of my journal I thought I would never keep up with, filled. And memories of me in a vintage bathing suit still in my mind, but happily replaced with the thoughts of thick socks and my favorite combat boots that I wear weather or not I look fancy in my mustard colored dress that reminds me of the leaves changing and dropping down to the ground. Perfect for stomping on with a satisfying crunch. Like a glass at a wedding to bring new joy. New hope for opportunity.

The heat has completely left us in a chilly sickness-prone state that me and Roommate are finally escaping out of. Though that does not mean that we are leaving our blankets and occasionally needed nap times behind. Everyone deserves a casual three hour nap on a rainy Sunday! Even while complaining about bio work. Still, it is strange this weather, this odd feeling that has seemed to reawaken in both of our bones I found. I asked her as we walked the bridge towards the parking lot of her car with the intention of warm soup, and not a philosophical conversation (something that I find I am usually always us to). It is the simply the feeling of feeling. If you don't know what I mean and think that whatever cold I had turned me crazy, I want you to think when you were really little, the smell of snow, cookies, and Christmas. 

That feeling. 
That feeling of the season changing and how you know it is going to be utterly magical.

I have not had that feeling in a long time. Yet, now at the moment in my life when I am told to take care of myself. Told that I am a more or less adult in this world that will not do anything for me, if I do not do anything for it, I feel it once more. 

The leaves just beginning to change are changing my heart and the way the air feels on my sun deprived freckles. It all seems a little too good to be true. What if this is only October thinking that it would be all too funny to come as a rude trick? To make me think maybe this season and the next will be mine once and for all. Maybe I will smile at Christmas instead of stress- but I am getting ahead of myself, am I not? We are supposed to be speaking about the magnificent Autumn.

Even if so far I haven't been the most productive. I figure I have time even though thinking so is the real curse if only on day two. I figure that it will be promptly fixed with all my plans. All my hopes and goals to be completed before the year draws even closer to an end and I have to remember to write a seven instead of a six at the end of my year in filling journal entries. A feat that doesn't seem that difficult until I remember that just yesterday I wrote September in the upper margin instead of the glorious spooky October with the little loop around the O I can't stop myself from adding.

I hope you as well write some fantastic entries this month. Maybe share them with me too?

Spread the magic.

Autumn Vibes & Goals

(As of now. I am sure there will be more with little adventures so don't you worry, lovelies)


So Logan and I have declared a goal war. A challenge that neither of us (more him than me, he has a challenge problem when accepting them. He cannot back down) couldn't not accept. So the goal you may ask that I may regret telling you when I fail exceptionally? That I will, once and for all, finish my novel. This draft. It will happen just as Logan will get his own website up and moving with photography greatness.

Hopefully the scary upcoming NaNoWriMo will help me out with some words as well. Even if you know, school and class and things and I am both excited and quite frightened I will not make the 50k words in November or finish this novel at all. Wish me luck and words, all.

Look Good Feel Good

It is time to stop having outfits not to wear. You hear me world? I am going to be one fashionable normal person. Look good, feel good and all that. Except for right now. Right now I will continue to write this in my sweatpants.

Let's Get Down To Book-ness

Ever since I have come to school my reading bug is at an all time low. I need to read the days away along with all my other stress. How? We shall find out. All I know is that how will we ever read all the most fantastic books of the world if I don't go back to my love and actually read. That's right I won't. So I shall read.

My TBR pile is a steady list, a few sitting on my desk at the moment being:

Roman Crazy by Alice Clayton
Not That Kind of Girl by Lena Dunham
On Writing by Stephen King
Picnic in Provence by Elizabeth Bard
Confess by Colleen Hoover
continue to read The Unabridged Journals of Sylvia Plath
...and the fall Paris Review

So it is not as if I am low on reading material, but if you guys have any other fantastic reads, spread the word!

Feel Good Look Good

Along with looking good this season, I want to feel good. So back to healthy eating, here we come (alone with a few pieces of Halloween candy).

Happy fall everyone. Let's fill our journals of pressed leaves and stories to be remembered.


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