An Ode to Hot Chocolate

Since it is a luxury both me and roommate agree we love. Especially with an obscene amount of mini marshmallows. Because when a warm drink oozes warmth and creamy-ness, you know that it is a good one. 

Hot chocolate is a classic whether you call it cocoa or not (though there is a difference between the two I have learned, one with milk and the other with water I believe). In the cool evenings or simple mornings to sit with a friend and enjoy a moment with it and a friend to chat over the day one sip at a time to warm up your body and shoulders to be draped with a silky blanket.

Our dorm room made hot chocolate, if you must know the details, starts with lying out our mugs and water to be put inside of my yellow single serve Keurig. After attempts with other packets, we have also found that the Swiss Miss dark chocolate hot chocolate packets is our favorite, especially when it is so lux that it tastes like the water to packet ratio makes it as thick as it would be with stove heated milk.

Pouring in the water, it run into the mug of chocolate powder already dumped in. As it does for optimal consistency stir as it mixes itself until smooth. Viola! Now all it needs is a heaping handful of mini marshmallows- both for the drink and to try and toss into each others mouths. We almost always miss, but that is the fun of it, is it not?

On fancier occasions when I am at home, hot chocolate can look even prettier with whipped cream sprayed on top with marshmallows and sprinkle of candy cane pieces or chocolate syrup for looks. Because then it will look and taste marvelous. The first sips of hot chocolate with whipped cream is always my favorite as well, the cool and warm mixing so not to burn my tongue. A habit. 

Another? Ah, well, I am sure that I rock whatever cream mustache decides to grace the tip my nose once red from the chilled air outside.

One day I am sure that we will have a stove to put our chocolate loving drinks to the test with fancy recipes I see all over the place and milk, but right now. The cool days are here to enjoy both each other's company and the little pleasures of hot chocolate whether or not there is snow on the ground beforehand.

Though if there is, it will only give us another excuse to continue to indulge. 

That is what hot chocolate is all about after all. So keep the gooey chocolate coming!

Things Needed For Hot Chocolate

  • Your favorite mug
  • A way to heat water or milk
  • A Hot Chocolate Packet or K-Cup
  • Mini Marshmallows- because the mini ones in my person opinion are the best! Also good for if you have a sore throat.
  • Whipped Cream
  • Possible candy cane for peppermint goodness
  • A friend to share with
  • A blanket for extra warmth and coziness
  • Some time to enjoy


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