For When You Are Feeling Lonely

There is a difference between being alone and feeling lonely. 
It is a thin line that can be crossed, and has been, in a bat of an eyelash or weakly thrown pity party. A few things to do though can make all the difference when you are about to break out into a musical rendition of "All by my self..."

Phone a Friend

Sometimes when alone, the biggest difference can be easy, calling someone. Yes, actually calling someone with a phone that you can talk into. Amazing right? The other week I was feeling a little reminiscent of before college, and though I can't say I had a tight knit group of friends before I came to university, I still thought about them. So one day, I called an good friend up. Sitting in the hallway downstairs, some of the guys mimicked me as I gushed about my first few weeks and she did the same. Even though I wasn't physically around her, talking for over a generous hour of midnight fire drills and new adventures being made was a spirit lifter. I was happier after that classic phone call, for both for her and myself knowing that we are moving on and becoming who we always wanted to be in life. Ourselves.

A simple phone call to someone who will chat rather than ask the normal "how are you?" or "how's the weather?" questions, is who we are looking for. Those are the people who will go on about random events and leave you with a confused yet oddly satisfied smile.

Cuddle In
It is time to break out the fluffy blankets and scower for movies to binge watch. I used to do this a lot when I had an entire weekend to myself and couldn't quite find myself in love with doing anything else. A bowl of popcorn or perhaps a warm drink to lift the mood, and it can be a sort of ME day in and of itself.  For entertainment, may I suggest a Harry Potter Marathon?

It will be like your very own Harry Potter weekend- without the commercials!

Start a Journal
If you don't have one already. Some of the best thoughts and lists comes to me when I least expect it when I am by myself letting my mind run, pen in hand for all the excess doodles that end up looking like blobs as well. One day though, you may look back and think, "Man, I was intelligent, wasn't I?" Or at least you can laugh about how your first crush was a kid in the first grade named Bob.

Go Forth & Conquer

To the store to browse, or maybe a trip to the library is in order. Sit among the silence of the shelves before picking up a book to live among the pages. This is a place I know I feel least lonely, lost within the binding of a paperback. It is basically how I got through high school.

Feeling a little more adventurous? Head over to the animal shelter. Petting adorable dogs with fluffy heads is always the cure. As long as you can restrain yourself from taking one home with you each time.

Bath Time
Bathing is magic. Not only does one smell fabulous and clean after, but pop in a LUSH bath bomb (Twilight is great, especially after a long day) or some bubbles and with a deep breath of lavender I try to let my worries float away- sometimes with a possible bath time playlist on my phone playing in the background just in case I am feeling in the mood to sing along. If that doesn't happen so quickly, another plus, some of the best ideas I have are thought up lounging in the tub. When that happens, it is truly a bath well spent.

Being alone can sometimes be a good thing. Take it as time for yourself and cleanse if you can. Being lonely is an isolating thing, but you got yourself, a good book, and friends that will smile and say hi when they come back to love, adventure, and have a random dance party (which ends up in laughter and flailing) with you to pick back up the spirit. 

Another good tip!

The dancing with the flailing, of course. They go hand and hand as you twirl round and round.


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