NaNoWriMo2016 - Day 3 to Write & Be

How is everyone doing out there? Holding up? Be sure to drink tea and coffee and take a moment to massage those hands because it would be horrible if they cramped out right as you were about to hit 50k.

The horror!!

So day three (and day four) has happened and let's just say I wrote about No words. You heard that right. Nothing. Nada. And this was my fault. Not even the words. Or maybe perhaps I should blame this faulty on A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness from capturing me in its snare of magic. Because that would be completely accurate. 

The book was amazing, I have already picked up the next two, and I do not regret a flip of the pages. Sometimes we need a really good book. I haven't read one that filled me with such joy in a very long time. Makes me happy. Even if I have to tell my brain to shut up when it happily tells me "yep it was fantastic. You'll never write something as good as that."

How dare you brain.

So I at 10k total right now and hope to get writing done even if it means I will have books staring at me the entire time screaming at me to read them. I would if I could. I would spend the rest of my life simply reading great novels. But then, there would never be my own out there so that another can hold it close as I do Discovery of Witches.

Happy weekend! Happy NaNo! Happy!

Be back to chat more soon unless I have been sucked into a book. (Wouldn't that be great? Think of all the attractive guys I would meet and adventures I'd go on :D )


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