NaNoWriMo2016 - Let's Hear It For Day One

Happy November!

Happy NaNoWriMo (or rather National Novel Writing Month for those who aren't up on the writing news), all you crazy writers, you!! Or perhaps you all are just the right amount of crazy. No matter where you are on that scale, it is okay though. I am right there with you as I hop into my fourth year of NaNo. Yes, fourth. Of course that does not mean I have won every year for the past four. Quite the contrary. Want to take a guess on how many times I have actually "won" the elusive NaNoWriMo, coming out with the astounding 50 thousand words?

Any guesses?



There, I just spoiled it for you. I have only won this writing battle in November once before, and it was the first year that I did it. It was rough. At that time four years ago, I was still writing fantasy novels that twisted and turned rather than the possibly even messier romance-esque novels that plague may stories today. And I procrastinated. Something I hope that won't happen this year as it has before. The only reason that I won back four years ago because I wrote the random mess of over 10k on the final day.

And this is different this year. Not only because I plan on writing this novel seriously and I am pretty sure my roommate will keep me accountable even when I am sobbing over off in the corner somewhere, but rather than beginning a novel, I am hoping to finish one. My novel that I have been working on for OVER two years.

It has been a long haul.

*nods to self sympathetically*

A haul that I am determined to complete and he held accountable for. So please if you have any extra muse, send it my way. Both me, my exhausted characters, and this novel would dearly appreciate it.

Today I have started though, and am off to a good start I can only hope will continue on throughout the month, though I know better to know. This morning after the heater kicked on and sweltered the room, I woke up at a decent with the gift of having no class today. Lying in bed for a while though. I knew that it was time.

It had already been so many hours after all, I could only imagine how many people must be half way done with the month goal (now those are the real crazies I have some crazy respect for). Sitting up I rubbed my eyes and pulled open my love of Instagram and marked it down on my story which I suggest you follow if you want more usual life and writing updates with some randomness when I am NOT procrastinating...of course not...

After some Honey Bunches of Oats I opened my computer, dressed in comfy leggings and it was time to write. Headphones on, playlist playing... as of now I have over 2k words which means I am on track.

Let's hope it stays that way.

How is everyone else doing so far into the first day of Novemeber? Anyone else participating in this writing extravaganza of NaNoWriMo?


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