An Actual Writing Update

After a long November that also seemed to go by with a blink of an eye, I got some writing done, and procrastinated some writing, and per usual the last three years, I have lost NaNoWriMo.

Ugh, it hurts me to look at it, because I know why. Had a minor crisis, again. But as per usual this time of year, within that crisis, I also figured out some key things that I need to happen in my novel. Which yes, means possibly maybe completely- yes, I am starting over. Just need to say it. Starting over. AGAIN. Mostly anyway, blank document. Same story with same scenes. Just a different version to translate as best I can, this time in first person. Because after trying it out with a chapter, my characters and this story have decided that they know what is best.

Thought I should start with that even though this writing update post is supposed to be optimistic and even though I am writing it because I am already struggling with chapter four.

I got this though. I do.

We are going to have a story to read. I just want it to be the best story it can be and that means an overhaul on some chapters, like this one, as well as changing tense. Ever since I have begun the process of that after all, the words flow. Word after word. Now I just need to force them a little until a waterfall of them come through, hoping for the day when all I want to do is write in a frenzy and that is what I get to do.

So, here we are everyone. Red, draft 8 or so, I believe.

Right now I am almost 20k in. If I simply finish this one to the very end of its very long story it seems to be forming, this time, I think I will be happy. At this point, I just want a whole draft to work off and revise. Soon.

*takes deep breath*

My characters and I can do this. Over two years, and somehow I am still managing to have hope in that.

My main character I like to imagine is hanging out with me across the room, swinging her legs in the windowsill, smirks at me once in a while instead of constantly rolling her eyes or fighting with me. Maybe soon, she will actually come over and truly help me some days. Until then, I suppose I shall settle with getting flippant looks and smiles. Like in the Devil Wears Prada, smiles are very rare and I would think I like to cherish them like the greatest of couture designers.


Reading: Just reread ACOMAF - Again. And thinking about picking up Her Naughty Holiday by Tiffany Reisz
Listening to: Haunt by Bastille
Wearing: An oversized cardigan and Halloween pumpkin socks
Freaking Out About: how Deborah Harkness (author of A Discovery of Witches) re-posted my photo on Instagram. Pretty awesome. I may have squealed a little bit.


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