Of Road Trips Taken

This past weekend...it was good. Very good. One of the most wonderful I have had in a while and I believe it had to do with a thing I strive for in life, but one cannot think about too much or they will never actually happen in their purest form.

Spontaneous road trip.

How was this short yet wonderful road trip come upon, you ask? Well, I will tell you the lovely little details of our mistake. Because sometimes, the mistakes are just as good at the story that comes afterwards because of said mistake. Or was it a mistake?

It was, don't let me get off track.

You see, that Saturday myself and my three friends all decided to sign up for a little trip to the holiday market about an hour or so away. Sounded like a good time to have fun, maybe get a gift, and gift ourselves to be in the holiday spirit finally, so we all made the plans and said that we would meet to walk to the bus in the morning when it said it would pick us up. All dressed and ready to go, we walked the chilly sidewalk down to where the bus said it would be meeting the group of us. A little early, we were the only ones there in the beginning. All good though, since early me, I practically bustled them out the door. After a while though, still no bus.

Or rather, there was a bus, not for us though. For the sports team of some sort loading up and staring at us standing there waiting for something...they did not know in their athletic immune to the cold looking selves. I curled up against my roommate Allison as we decided what was going on.

Were we at the wrong place?
A mix up?
It said that we would be going from this place on December 4...

"Wait," my other friend, Jacob, turned his head and said ever so casually, "Is it even the fourth?"

No...no it was not. 

It was the third. Tomorrow, Sunday, was the fourth.

Looking at each other, there wasn't much to say. We screwed up a little and now we slowly slunk back home with the question of what we were going to do. Nothing? Something? Put back on sweatpants and sleep for another hour?

"I feel like we should still do something now," Allison said. 

A comment a quickly agreed to along with the others. I was all dolled up in my awesome somewhat floppy hat that I got on clearance and had yet to wear- and you bet I was going to for at least a few more hours. It was adorable and deserved it. I deserved it to be looked at strangely while I thought I looked awesome.
Much like most of my outfits I enjoy.

"What do you want to do?"

Allison thought as we trailed along the sidewalk, "We could go somewhere. I could take you guys to Lewisburg or..."

We didn't really need anymore options as we looked between each other knowing that we would now be going home to Allison's hometown for a day of random shops and places we had heard so much about from her over the past three or so months.

One of our first priorities once we got there after the hour and half drive, food. Or more specifically, pancakes. Because when you have awesome friends and random adventures is that when breakfast is demanded in the middle of the day, breakfast will be found. Not just any pancake breakfast at your local diner. Nope, little adorable shop made pancakes. Peanut butter, blueberry, chocolate chip...or banana nut pancakes for me. Sharing is caring, it was all delicious before we headed back out to the chilly day.

Walking along the streets of Lewisburg, also known as the city where Bucknell University is, I was cold but was practically skipping along which my friends have come to expect. I sighed over old buildings with architecture worthy to. One building I started from the Victorian peaks, trailing down to a doorway that said clearly across the street...

Used Books.

It was a call. I looked back at the other three who saw it as I did. "Go on." Oh I went on, my gloves were literally coming off before I made it to the door. Used books store always make me feel good. They always seem to be little hole in the wall stores with shelves everywhere and stacks of books where they wouldn't fit. I like to browse, touch the books with a smile to the owner behind their little desk they made to be the cash register on the way out of the hallway lined with more books.

Popping into other stores and laughing as we did, we also came to a store Allison planned on pushing me in from the start. Wilson and Ross. A vintage store. With vintage clothes. Besides pining online at expensive loveliness, my only vintage clothing has ever come from the pieces my mother has kept from her big moment days in high school, like prom, and the occasional find at the thrift store. This was different.

This was beautiful with pins and necklaces on the wall, and a whole little section of old glasses that we squinted though, as seen by Allison above. I think she looks a little like Barb from Stranger Things in them, which means that she rocks those glasses. If only she could actually see out them. She had to take them off to shove me in the dressing room with a velvet dress and a to the long (nearly to the floor on short me) plaid blue wool skirt from the 70s.

Coming out in each piece, it was further proven that I do not belong in this style decade. This style century even at times as I came out in the velvet dress Allison told me may have been her high in the day seeing me in. I purchased my new vintage clothes with happiness and the only question being when I can wear them. This holiday coming up, perhaps?

The rest of the day was spent roaming before finding a light and fluffy latte at a little hutch of a cafe, Ama Mi's. I see now how some bookstagramers can get such wonderful photos in coffee shops if they have them with curved chairs, natural light, and carved wood tables already artsy around them. If only!

Only once the cool air got to us did we wander back to the car where we first began, tired yet happy as we met Allison's dog and headed home for the night as it got dark. We all hadn't had a great day in a while, but this was nice. Such big promises are sometimes held in the idea of road trip adventures, but sometimes it is just smiling and breathing and enjoying a day out and about, around people I have come to think of as a sort of family.

It was a good day.


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