To Read To Write To Ramble

I want to read when I need to write, and I want to write when all I have to do is read while on a long car ride with only the road stretched out before me. It is the time apparently, that my words like to stretch out before me as well with my laptop not in the 80 mile radius. 

Staring outside the window, at least that is about what I think the mile sign back there said as I squint in the dimming twilight. I forgot my glasses again and this does not surprise anyone, including myself. It is silently acknowledged that I probably along with smile lines will have squinting lines I will try to pass off as a writer woe of the long hours wracking my brain for the most poetic prose, when really it is just me confused and blurry while staring up at the projector during Biology dissecting not insects, but if a certain word has an 'a' or an 'e' in it.

Even right now as I write this and should give my eyes a break, where are my glasses? A few feet away only instead of miles, but I am not moving to get them.

Just like I should be writing my novel I need to finish within the next few months instead of rambling on here since I feel like you all apparently should be up to date on my inadequacies. Is that at least coming along well? I hope so because usually things don't in my brain since like with ice cream, my pleasure seeking brain and far too large for my stressed out body.

For instance setting a large goal to read at least 70 some books this year. Which would be nice, not saying that. Or that I want to workout more than the few yoga videos I already do a week on my dorm room floor. Again would be nice...or maybe not. A topic for another day perhaps. 

What I am trying to say and blab on about with no real goal is how my mind likes to leap. Most of the time in a leap-of-faith sort of way. Leaps into books, novels, hopes and dreams- the works. It also though likes to leap out of its own little mind all together and come up with even bigger ideas and goals than I already have in a manic frenzy that sounds all good for a few hours. But then of course, I have to ask myself the question. Can I actually do this?

Writing, blogging, reading and now I want more- oh wait, I forgot about class. I also have classes to get to, so add that to the lovely list I have going. 

The answer to the list and all the comes to be added on though when I ask myself if I can do all that my overworked mind wants to though, is this. I can only hope. Hope as I always hope for this hope to come true.

I did once.

I should probably get back to writing it.

Hope as well, that everyone will have a good week. Bundle up from the cold and take care of yourself! You matter. We are all a little crazy. Especially me recently.

Maybe you needed to hear that.


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