Yellow Sweater Weather

Hello again everyone. Week update since I haven't chatted in a while, this week...I left the house alone. I know, a feat. I got coffee at the one and only Starbucks and wrote (yes, I am now one of those people) while I did it too. Starbucks, though a nice change of scenery, only makes me wish more that one day I will be able to live in a place of tiny artsy cafes. But still, yay on all accounts. 

I hope everyone is having a loving and fun weekend even if the wind is blowing terribly as it is here and I continue to struggle devoting my time to writing when I actually have the time to now. 

Seriously, right when I am in the mood, you know what happens? English puritan poets need to read for American Lit, or I walk into Walmart and see...guess...a single copy of Caraval by Stephanie Garber out for the taking. Can you believe it? I can't. It isn't supposed to come out until next week and here I am already 3/4 of the way through because of course I couldn't just leave it there for someone to find who had no idea what a blessing it was to find it early.

I like to think that it was actually waiting for me as I stared at it near slack jawed for a moment while one of the blue vested employees creased her eyebrows at me before casually walking in the other direction from me and my yellow sweater. 

A sweater by the way, that may just be my new favorite. Both in comfort and cadigan-ness, I feel like I can wrap it around me like the blanket I cannot take with me outside everywhere. Speaking of blankets, it also makes me think of the blankets my mom used to crochet when it was deep in winter, and let's face it, was really bored. One time...ok, many times, she tried to teach me, sadly on all accounts, we found out that in the art of crocheting, I am not left handed.

Any stories your way? Random as you can see always works to update on life.
What about Caraval? Have any of you gotten to read it yet or any other new releases for 2017? Thoughts please since I love books, and no one will form an actual book club with me.


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