A Novel Child

As you all should know, I am writing a novel. If not, I'll simply assume you are new here and will tell you right now in all my somewhat cheeriness I will whip out just for you special souls. I am writing a novel. And I have been writing this specific one for over two years. It has been a long book pregnancy, let me tell you. It has been full of aches, pains, and far too many drafts. And I am not out of the woods yet.

Not even close.

A reason of which for those of you who are not new around here, may have noticed that I have not posted in some time. I probably should have made this post a little earlier to explain. But alas...can I use the excuse of my novel again?

Because it is the truth and I can't say anything else except maybe admitting to a slight university exam related meltdown that I needed time to recover from. I am happy that after the snowpocolypse of last week though, this major event has somehow translated into me writing a lot. I am on a mission.

So, I suppose I can actually use my novel as an excuse now. Only...now I am writing here. I don't know how it works. I guess I simply really missed you guys. All I can tell you is that here now. I am also telling you that though I definitely want to keep up my little blog and website here for all you book lovers and people who care to listen about my life and me carry on about my novel, my novel for right now comes first.

You people all probably want to read it a whole lot more than this. Right?

I know I sure would since I am writing this while procrastinating going back to a steamy scene that I have been staring at and rearranging for the past...oh five or so hours of my day. Roommate told me that I needed to take a step back. So here I am after eating an obscene amount of mac n cheese? Pleased. I think I am. Also full. But mostly pleased now that I have fixed up the website here a bit and am randomly chatting with you guys anything that pops up into my head.

Since yes, in my break I had thought about vlogging after watching too much YouTube, but then I remembered how the other day I was ranting to myself about sexy scene structures in certain areas and how one characters needs to be tweaked...AGAIN...and all this other stuff. And I figured that you didn't want to hear that as my voice got more and more strained in a sudden fear that I will never finish. It always comes back around to that.

It is like the circle of life, but more like the circle of writerly self doubt.

But again. I am here to reinforce that I will. Finish this novel. Write some more. And write and write and write.

So I will check in on you soon. Hopefully with even more of a novel to behold.

Hold me to it, lovelies. Because in this silent pursuit of writing, we can make something wonderful.

If you all want to follow along on my day to day though, come be friends with me on Instagram! I check way more often than I should. Plus, I would love to know what you all have done since the new year! Any adventures? Any plans?


Reading: Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo
Listening to: Evermore from the new live action Beauty & the Beast
Film: Beauty & the Beast (it was so wonderful)
Weather: it may be spring but there is snow on the ground


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