Photo Diary: Snowpocolypse 2017

A few photos for all you snowflake lovers near and far...

It has arrived. The storm of all storms since the famous snowstorm of 1993. know, so they now say. I wasn't alive and though they said we were going to get almost two feet, most of us were still not positive that it would snow an inch. Snow, after all, has liked to trick us this way in the past when all us uni students begged for the simplicity of a snow day.
But there was no trick this time.
Not when you woke up to such a view as this.

There was no place where there was not snow as we decided whether to stay in or brave the snow that was not letting up. Classes were absolutely canceled and all we knew was that copious amounts of warm liquids were required. And thus after a slow morning, five college students decided to see if we could survive the trek to Starbucks.

Spoiler as I am writing this: we did. And I highly recommend the cinnamon almond milk macchiato.

But at the time we were in Alaska! We were in Narnia!

Trudging through the snow, I squinted through snow brighter than any rain as my one hand froze for the sake of art. Shooting photos with one hand, my other was maintaining my balance in the snow that went up to my knees, catching me when I fell onto said mitten. The others weren't having a easy time either as we fell over marching into the fluffy snow, laughing as we did.

 We laughed even more when we got the rest of the week off from class. One day class week? Don't mind if I do.


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