A Court of Mist and Fury and Feels and Excitement and...

Some books hit us at exactly the right moment and the right frame of mind. I believe more than anything else that that simple idea is the reason for most favorites. While some other favorites...well, let's just face it. Some of them are just so freaking fantastic they can't even help themselves.

The favorite I must talk about today before I lose myself in its third and final predecessor...Can you guess? If you know me right now and for the past few months you would get it right with-

A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas.

I know, I know. Die down the applause. I know it as fantastic as Rhysand is sexy and Cassian is a fantastic bff along with the rest of the Night Court gang. The only way it could be better is if I was apart of it. And stole one away for a mate of my own...but we will get to more on that since as I am writing I am still debating on whether this is simply going to turn into a full out gush fest which it is already shaping up to be.

C'est la vie though. Because seriously, ACOMAF for the past almost year of my life has been it. I wish I could tell you how many times I have re-read it, but I am such a slut for this book I just keep on going and spreading those pages because I can not get enough.

Woah, well that got a little suggestive there, didn't it?

As it should be.

When I wasn't rereading after all it was very likely you could find me looking up the manuscript SJ Maas posted on instagram trying to see if I could see through the pages, or looking up fake conversations people made up between the characters online and laughing to myself as my roommate shakes her head in resignation. It has been a long road to get to A Court of Wings and Ruin.

And because of all this we are getting to the nitty gritty of why I love these books so much. Spoilers ahead? You wonder and I will now officially tell you that yes, there is definitely a few if you have not read ACOMAF yet. So book lovers and Rhysand wanders, please follow me to squeal and sigh at the beauty that is the series by Sarah J. Maas, A Court of Thorns and Roses.

Let's hop right in then and hope I can write coherently, shall we?

"Don't let the hard days win."

This book helped me throughout this year not let the hard days for me not win. Even if not always at first through lonely dreary days of my first year of uni. The comfort of this book was always ready to be picked back up when I needed it.

And within it, A Court of Mist and Fury won when it came to realistic breakdowns and the condition of PTSD within Feyre from the previous book. Right away we are forced into the mindset of Feyre from the first page when we are pushed into a dream she wakes up from only to be sick. Triggers of red, nightmares, questioning herself along with Rhys. Throughout these moments of fear and sadness, I felt like I was Feyre, so far into this world. I was her and she was me. I needed to keep reading so that I could understand and be healed a little too by the end that was just as heart wrenching, but for different reasons as we all know.

Not only did SJ Maas do well there, but those hard days get harder when she also did a great job with describing that of Feyre's abusive relationship with Tamlin while continuing the story and characters through this struggling life they each have. I believe even helped the reader cope enough to now nickname him "Tamlin the Tool" on major social media. Because as we well know, the relationship with her and Tam goes downhill and fast in such a light and subtle way that seeps into the pages and Feyre's mind that shows average thoughts of self-blame and defending of him for even when he locked her in the house. Which of course, was the last straw for beastly ol' Tam Tam.

The funny thing was though, again. I was with Feyre. Did we see this happening in A Court of Thorns and Roses? No. But going back to reread it is all there. Slowly but surely. The love and horror at it all. All there and we were in the center of it since loved was all we hoped and wanted to be.

*cough* I was a Rhysand lover from the first time he licked away those first tears *cough cough*

"You're my mate."

True love in such a primal bad ass way? Gosh  I love these characters and this world so so much. Of course it does make me quite lonely as well. Will my own Rhysand ever come to me? I can only hope since this Rhysand of the Night Court has taken first spot in my list of previous book boyfriends.

No...he may have taken the whole list from the moment he had Feyre go in search of her own ring his mother kept there for him to let a special someone (which of course we know Feyre was) find.

Not only was this awesome, but my goodness, all I can think about how much Rhysand must have of his mom in him and how much I wished we could have met her.

And if we are being equally honest. I am sure we can admit to also being absolutely in love with all the sexy scenes spattered throughout. They were taken on with such a casual air about them which I thought was great while still being meaningful and respectful to all. Sex was definitely a small, yet beautiful part of strength within this novel.

 But on another note, whenever Rhysand or one of the boys entered a room I thought I needed a fan. But mm. May I mention the inn? The cabin? That super sexy Court of Nightmares scene???

That one may have been my favorite.

Feyre with Rhysand grew into strong people together as are so many of the other characters. I can only hope with the new mating bonds prevalent in the next book, people like...hmm.. LUCIEN can redeem himself whether it be because I know he is good, or simply for that bond of Elain.

So much is happening and my love for this book is as strong as a mating bond. But tell me guys. Besides the one and only ship, who are we all rooting for come book three? Lucian and Elain? Cassian and Nesta (woot woot)?

Thoughts yet?
Confessions of undying love?

"I might be master of everything, if I wished. If I dared.” 

You can even declare that love to simply your friends. Throughout my life I still have always wanted that friendship that feels like family. It was a great one made within the inner circle of the Night Court. Man, I wish I was apart of them though I am so glad that Feyre had them as well and grew such loving and healthy friendships between them all even though they were all very different in some retrospect. 

We first have Mor who I first thought was a definitely more badass and fabulous Alice Cullen which means I loved her.

Then we have Amren who is scary and...let me just put it to you here. I love the relationship however quiet between her and Feyre. It is so lovely and I knew it was great the moment they returned home from the summer court and were laughing at each other soaking wet from the ocean when they almost died...again. 

Great times.

Cassian I just feel would be great at giving a good hug when you needed one...or being a punching bag.

Azriel may just listen for hours to you talk when you really needed to because I have this odd feeling he would be to awkward to walk away. Plus, who would be better at shadow puppets?? No one.

And Rhys...please. Must I continue? The smirks! The banter! The all around wonderfulness!

The characters developed and were so real every step of the way. I want to move in with them and help them fight against the King of Hyburn, who yes, I feel is really just there for the drama. I mean seriously, did you see him squeeling when the dramatic turn of events happened in the end with Tamlin seeing Rhys as Feyre's mate? Drama King for sure and I am pretty into it.

The understanding of them as characters were as if I knew them for years as Rhysand and they all did, and that relationship continued to strengthen and form not just as people falling in love. But love in a family that needs no more of a reason than the one Rhys gave Feyre for including her within it. "Because you were one of us..."

Truly, the characters is what drove this plot for me and I loved every moment of it.

"To the stars who listen- and the dreams that are answered."

First of all, THAT QUOTE.

Second to wrap things up in a pretty bow that I wish Rhysand would be delivered to me in (and maybe in nothing else). This is one of my favorite books of all time. I can't believe I am saying that about a sequel, but it needs to be. This book succeeded my expectations and continues to time after time that I read it and see little things I missed. So also if you think this will be the last time I rant on about random loves of ACOMAF, you are most likely mistaken.

You can always tell as well that when I love a book more than most parts of myself. I give a piece to it by marking it up in highlighter and little penned in thoughts in the margins of the pages. When I deface my book. You know it is love. And I have never defaced a book more.

Except perhaps, Sylvia Plath's Journals-- but seriously, the size of that thing!

Can anyone tell me who said each line from the book headed above? Favorite parts? I would talk about this whole book if I could so please feel free to include me in a little date like book club on this one. These characters deserve it. And we only have one last book in the trilogy coming out on Tuesday May 2nd to prove it (who is excited?!).

So, let's show the world how badly obsessed and well read in A Court of Mist and Fury we are book gushers! We are sweet like candy, but far less sticky in anyway bad. So where does that put us? Like Feyre said, who knows, but "Knee-deep in trouble seemed like a good place to start."

Trouble we will be in come book three A Court of Wings and Ruin. Because don't forget...

“And so Tamlin unwittingly led the High Lady of the Night Court into the heart of his territory.” 

Who is ready to burn it all the ground?


  1. When I first read ACOMAF, it was during a tough week at work and I was exhausted and emotional and I thought maybe that was why I had such an intense reaction to the book. But then I reread it and it was the same...I was so connected to it and again had such intense emotional reactions that I knew it wasn't a fluke. Then I read it again and yep, the same.
    It's so layered in so many ways and I love what you said about it-I totally agree! I wish I could find my way to Prythian!

    1. That is definitely when you know it is a fantastic book! The characters and the world building. I read it and thought it was good. Then I reread it and reread it again and have been since it came out last May. I know, its insanity, but I love it so. Only a few days until ACOWAR now. I can only hope that it be as fantastic.


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