"Do you want to see something?" I asked Allison, aka. roommate, as she read her mystery novel. 

It was All the Missing Girls I made her buy at Walmart last weekend. She weighed it in her hands that also held vitamins and preach mango tea and asked me if she should get it. I raised my eyebrows, her well knowing that my Barnes and Nobel package of three books would be getting to me on Monday. If she didn't want the book, she shouldn't have asked me. 

Also another lesson, one should always get a new book.

Now almost a week later I was sitting on one edge of her bed since from across the room I was feeling a little lonely as my fingers tapped away against my keyboard after only getting momentarily lost in watching bookish-YouTube.

She peeked up from reading as I slowly turned the screen of my computer.

I pointed towards the bottle left.

100k words. Yes, I am serious. I made it to 100k of this draft and to be honest deep down in the pits of my soul I was pretty positive that I would never actually make to this point as I shuffle through character conversations that are hurting my heart as I force things to continue to move along towards the end even though I still have a decent amount to write and fear that I will be writing over my max word count hope of 110k. Because after that for romance I figure it would be getting a little ridiculous. We shall see though.

I stared at the number and some odd words in wonder along with Allison. Looking around, I am sure my characters in the scene I was writing were looking at me like sad, yet also proud parents who are glad they also made it this far. It has been a journey. A journey that is almost one whole complete draft of romance, and sexy scenes, and sadness that caused even me a few tears...but we will reminisce on all that when I am finally finished and can do one or two last run through to revise and edit the mess I need to change and fix in random places.

"Woah. That is impressive."

To be honest looking at that number I felt a little dead inside, a little exhausted through that may have been because it was also 2 a.m.



I wiggled my feet that hung off the edge of the bed like a small dance. It would have to do for now.

We are almost there.
We almost have an entire novel on our hands.

The Current
Reading: Just finished Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor--SO FANTASTIC
Music: Young Gods by Halsey
Film: I really want to re-watch Pride and Prejudice. 2005 Keira Knightley version of course.
Weather: Sun? It must be warm out! *goes outside. gets knocked over by wind* ...never mind.


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