Exhaustion is a Friend of Mine

I have been sleeping, so no, I am not going to randomly pass out even if I have always thought how it would be an interesting experience to swoon. Though I would prefer to do it while wearing Austen-eque period clothing and doing so when first seeing my very own Darcy that would watch in curiosity I am sure before peeling me away from the floor.

The only thing though I could be swooning over right now is my manuscript. Seriously, it is coming along and it has been a huge part of my life recently. Committed even. So, you know what that means as if I didn't spew this out enough times? We are looking at a book here, people. A REAL LIFE NOVEL.

You know, after I completely finish it and then go back through it once or twice since though I thought I would be completely finished after this massive 8th draft rewrite- I was wrong. I will admit it even if the only day I almost had a mental breakdown about it. The almost there though is key. Almost. Not completely. Almost.

To stop it I was up until around 1 a.m. with my feet propped against the wall scrolling through twitter in the dark so that my roommate could sleep. While doing so though, I thought to myself. Why not do one better? So I sneakily snuck out of the room and sat in the hallway in underwear and a t-shirt I hoped no one would pass me by to see, all to order the three books I had sitting in my Barnes & Noble cart. 

It was only three books though. Anymore and I may have agreed I had a slight stress book buying problem when I rarely have been reading because writing and when I do it is usually to reread A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas. Because Rhysand! (someone I would really swoon for) And really, that book never gets over-read.

A sign of a truly fantastic read.

Back on topic though. Either way, I am back on track and writing our novel word by word. Chapter by chapter in much better form than I do these fragmented blog posts I barely read back over before I hit publish. Here, just for you, I let my brain simply blurt out on the page. You're welcome.

I am getting a little excited and a little giddy about the whole thing now even if I hate the thought of still having a long way to go until I feel confident to send this baby on its way for agents and that fun stressful jazz. Because I want my book to be great. I want it to mean something and be fun and wonderful.

I only hope that I can amount to as much. You know? Because you all must also know as much as I wish it was, writing and reading fabulous novels is not all of my life. I am finishing up this year at university that has been both wonderful and completely taxing on my body and soul. As I begin to take the steps to piece both of them back together, I have also recently made a decision about m schooling in hopes that it will help and not hinder my happiness in the two areas we talk about together that make up who I am. And so, I have decided and was recently accepted into my decision that my best course of action for next year to ensure my happiness all around, is to transfer from where I am to another university.

I will be going to pursue a degree and path my roommate nodded about from across the room and said, "Yep, that sounds more like you."

Even if it isn't much different. It feels it. And that makes all the difference in the world.

You heard it first here folks.

Because I want to keep it real on the blog and in my writing as much as I can within fiction. And so, to wrap up this little update...

Send muse!
Take care of yourself.
Any good adventures or reads recently? I would love to hear ALL about life and being and the jazz that inevitably follows with it. I am not even sure roller coaster covers it.

The Current:

Reading: No idea. Waiting for my books to come in the mail. I was hoping to get them on Friday, but no. Now I must wait for the mail person on Monday.
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