How Many Words?

I hope it will be a writing weekend filled with decent words, even if I have been rereading more Tiffany Reisz for the better part of the day and am already thinking of the veggie pizza I have in the freezer. It is only a little my fault that I cannot control myself after seeing the books on my bookshelf after not during the school year. Seriously, the Original Sinners are practically sirens.

If only one of them would actually reel me in.

Right now I am trying to sit down with my laptop and get some actual writing of my own done, because at the moment, do I feel like my novel will ever be done? No.

Mostly no, because it is also raining. Bad omen, right?

Also for the reason of that I now started over for draft eight? Nine? One of those outrageous numbers. And not only is is another draft, but it is a complete rewrite. Not just a write and paste in the good parts from drafts one through seven, no. It is a complete do over, and I really need whatever writerly muses are out there to be on my side now more than ever.

Because when I am writing, it isn't always that I am just writing. It is me and my overthinking brain that gets all smooshed up with the words and self-pressure do get this draft done. Or started. Or...whatever. I just need to put away my brain and write. As usual though, that is easier said than done when with each word I am putting a bit of myself in this story along with characters that desperately want to breathe.

So now I am off to stare at my word document and hope for the best. Just don't ask or let me ask myself, "How many words do I have left?"

It's a lot. I'll just say that even though I have heard it is better to write in hopeful word count chucks.

It is a lot of words and pages and everything.

I am desperately hoping though within that lot, I am going to find the joy I once had with each hit of the keys. That at this moment is the goal rather than how many more words.

I need that joy back.

And I need this story to come and be alive with me.


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