One Year Down, Three To Go - University Wrap Up

It is the last week.

That is the sentence I started this post on when I planned to have this post up before I actually left that "last week."

And by last week, I meant that this was the last week of my freshman year of university. Wow. Seriously, I made it without awkwardly turning into a 4.0 (nearly dying) situation for my roommate, who really, to be honest, does not need the help. I on the other hand...we will see. All I am seeing now is the moments past and the moments to come this summer.

Those moments past after all, include some great ones.

There were little adventures, late night chats in the dark with my roommate that I believe I will cherish for a very long time, and so many pictures taken along the way.

Those moments also include some that make me cringe internally and wonder how it is possible that tears don't stain after as the many layers of breakdowns/self pity parties I have had into my pillow. A miracle, perhaps. Or maybe my tears know better. After so many years they know that I'd would just cry harder at the stain while scrubbing the spots away, muttering to myself about how there is never any washing machines open.

Most of the boys on first and third floor I find think it is okay to leave it in there over a night...or two. Have they never heard of bacteria?

Apparently not. The fact had be getting to know my fellow house mates by knocking on the door and trying to say assertively that I would appreciate them doing their laundry in a timely manner. Of course, it usually came out something like, "Um...your wash. It's done."

Sometimes they would accommodate. Sometimes they wouldn't check it before deciding it needed another twenty minutes.

Besides the adventures, as wonderful as they may be, of laundry, there were the events I won't forget unlike how many chocolate fudge pop-tarts I must have eaten whenever all my friends went out on dates. I was left to watch gossip girl on my roommate's computer when I should have been writing.

I should have been writing a lot.

I think I did too. I did, even if in the end I again turned to my pillow each time I decided to start back over per usual...and failed at NaNo in November again. Ha. On a roll, aren't I?

I wrote and wrote and deleted in hopes the story would breath life both into my and the page. Draft eight done, I am now onto draft nine and hopefully less frustration this summer though I can never count on that.

Much like I could never count on the weather. Where university was situated was in a state of perpetual grey, except for in the first month. It liked to trick people like that. Because otherwise, it rained and was more gloomy than any stereotypical Seattle you could imagine.

Lucky, we escaped a few times along the way. I went to the cutest town of Lewisburg, as well as the big city of New York for the day before getting back to have a small thanksgiving pre-thanksgiving Charlie Brown style. Our feast was set with lightly toasted bread and jelly beans.

We watched so many movies in those dull spaces when everyone wasn't failing at life and classes and cramming for exams. And when we weren't watching animation...

It snowed.

It snowed a lot. We had days off as well as a second week of Spring Break after we came back of no classes before the two feet or so accumulated. I built a snowman and sang while doing it. Though I suppose after the snow, that is when the singing ended and the school year began to draw to a close I was practically begging for at this point.

Though a year. It wasn't my year. I am still waiting for that year full of laughs rather than tears, and friends rather than borrowed Netflix. Perhaps, that I why I am hoping for a better one this upcoming year when I transfer. One of even later nights and beautiful memories.

Begin anew.

With even greater stories to tell.
Even if they end up with late nights and posts I just want to get down on a page so that I can share of all the good parts we want to remember the most.

Anyone else have any wonderful times from this past year of schooling and work and life?


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