A Lovely List - The Sequel

As some of you may know, I have been trying to get back to where I was before my freshman year of university. A happier, more content me who didn't get all inside herself me with negativity. And thus, I bringing back out the Lovely Lists after stopping last year! Bring on the optimism.

What is a Lovely List you ask?

It is a list.

Of recently lovely things...

  • vintage nightgowns to wear while blogging
  • book sleeves like the Book Warrior I got with a gorgeous floral pattern that I end up taking everywhere stuffed in my purse, including work where the bag checker at security thought it was weird. 
  • journaling and feeling like I actually have something to say when my pen hits the page
  • reading a book I don't want to put down
  • bare feet, summer nights
  • sitting outside with my mom after waking up, coffee included
  • hearing from a friend I haven't in years
  • when my liquid eyeliner cat eye right on the first try yesterday to wear for no good reason at all
  • a good pair of sunglasses that don't smudge
  • writing on the back of napkins, receipts, anything so not to lose the idea

I am not sure if this helps, but really I like to see all these I lined up from the past week or so. The little things are lovely, sometimes I guess like recently I just need to focus and see around the all the gunk that has also been covering them up.

Hm, perhaps this list will be a more average occurrence?

I hope so. Means there is still a little lovely going around. Any things you would put on your lovely list? Would love to hear the little wonderful things happening around. Makes life a little magical in all the mess.


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