Book Expo - Let's Hear it for Day Two!

Let's hear it for day two of BEA! Woohoo! Spolier: I loved it, if not more than our First Fantastic Day at BEA.

Impressive, I know.

Maybe it was because I was getting the hang of BEA and knew what I was doing. But really, I am pretty sure all the book people there are just awesome like that. It is no surprise that I met quite a few. Perhaps this post should have been titled, The many people you meet at Book Expo?

At the time I began this journey, I didn't know quite how many people I would be chatting with. Day two, I woke up in the wee hours to the sound of a my hotel sharing literary magazine slash BEA companion's car horn of an alarm. She set it up that way so that she would definitely be in line to get tickets to Leigh Bardugo's Wonder Woman signing later in the day along with a good few other hundred people. I felt bad for poor Leigh's signing hand.

At the time though, hotel roommate didn't want to miss it or be late, so earth shattering alarm it was. It worked. I nearly had a heart attack before rolling over for just five more minutes, but it worked.

To warm up my morning soul on the sunny city day, on the way to the Javits (and after the ticket was captured, of course) coffee was found along with the most delectable cinnamon scone. New favorite scone? I never knew I would have such varied tastes until now, but here we are chowing down as I swung my lanyard back around my neck with a new well placed button, and made my way to the first thing on the agenda.

All the Crooked Saints galley drop.

As a second day Book Expo attendee, I now figured myself a pro. As a pro, I arrived at the drop location early like a well trained spy prepared for a mission. Because when I say early, I mean it. This trend continued as well throughout the day. I showed up over a hour early to another signing, just to be safe as I prioritized. There would be no Adam Silvera mishaps like the day before.

As if proving this valid decision on my part, I was there without a single worry as I jumped in the makeshift line for Crooked Saints- third in line. I was still over forty minutes or so early with a line steadily growing and trailing behind until I could no longer see the end. On my toes, I nearly leaned into another right behind me who smiled with a hello before I was able to collide into her. She was waiting in line as well for about the same amount of time, she worked in publishing, Tor, to be exact.

After introducing myself like a normal person, I asked, "Do you know if they are doing anything else for Roar by Cora Carmack today?"


In that hmm, I heard hope.

"I don't think so, but I know we are doing a pre-order promotion still."

With a solemn nod, and fifteen minutes still to wait in the galley drop line, I accept it. Roar was out of reach. Perhaps it always would be. Instead of dwelling however, I continued to talk to the lady like the sociable book reader I am. And truly, perhaps I was in this environment, the smell of ink and readers as driven as their favorite book characters, pushing me on to another world of where I am meant to be.

We talked about books, publishing internship thoughts, etc. like productive professionals at a publishing convention.

We also both got All the Crooked Saints with big smiles plastered on our faces.

And then I wandered off an hour and a half early to make sure I was going to the right place for Taylor Jenkins Reid new book. Previously, I have only read one of her novels, but with the cover that The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo, I am ready to become a full Taylor Jenkins Reid reader and told ever so as I held the sign for the early people who got there like me to know where to start the line.

Within that line. I met a wonderful blogger, Kristin from Always With a Book, who had been coming to Book Expo for years. Luckily she was there and further pushed me to get The Undertaker's Daughter later in the day with her after meeting another few librarians in line.

Lines, in case you haven't realized quite yet, are big at Book Expo. Both in size and popularity.

Surprisingly enough however, my longest conversation occurred, not in a line at all. Wandering by, I stopped and ended up chatting with the lovely author Summer Heacock of The Awkward Path to Getting Lucky. In the Harper Collins booth of the expo, I am not quite sure how we got to chatting. I believe it was the common, "I think I follow you on twitter," line that got it really moving to how we were happy to be there and that Summer (aka. fizzygrrl on most social media) wrote a fun and entertaining novel she liked to coin the "vagina book." I tried to use the reference to it once and we both had a decent laugh when it did not come out quite how it should have. I went for it though.

There was no turning back whether it be with a joke or a good smile, and I doubt there will be turning back once I start her book she promptly handed over by the end of our conversation.

All I know before even reading it is that I am probably going to more than love it.

Love it like I did Book Expo all the way from the Javits center, back to Port Authority. There was a slow return to reality as the man who sat across the aisle saw me struggling with the massive tote full of books. He smiled and we chatted.

And I went home with a promise to return to all these little stories, wonderful people, and the novels that now accompany me. You all will be returning to those with me too.


  1. Hi Kendra! It was so great meeting you in line for the Taylor Jenkins Reid book (incidentally, I just finished reading it - so good!!!) Anyway, I hope you enjoy all the books you picked up, especially the Sara Blaedel book. I just saw her last night at the Nordic Noir Book Club I went to - she is just so cool! Have a great summer and maybe I'll run into you next year at BookExpo!!!

    1. Kristin! Hi! So glad you commented, I was going to link you in this post but wasn't positive when I couldn't find your card where I thought I put it. I finished the Sara Blaedel book actually now. It was calling out to me the moment I got home to read. Can't wait to see what her other books are like. Hope you have a great summer as well and I run into you at another book event soon!


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