Cover Reveal! The Lucky Ones- who we don't know anything about

They may be lucky, but yet I am not lucky enough to know anything about this upcoming gothic read being released early next year. I am lucky enough to know to be excited for it already.

If you know anything about my reading habits, it is no surprise that The Lucky Ones is by Tiffany Reisz, thus my excitement and need to share this ASAP. Each time I hear that Tiffany Reisz is writing a new book, for some reason the drawn out happiness never fade until I manage to tell everyone about it. 

Perhaps while wildly churning out fantastic novels,she has something special mixed in between the lines to fully enthrall me and the rest of her obedient readers.

Happy to be enthralled.

I suppose that is another thing that I find myself loving the most about being in the book community even if it seems to be my own party of one most of the time. The idea of waiting for a book like it could possibly be your next true love. 

It doesn't matter how long it will take; months, years, decades if you are still waiting on the newest George RR Martin epic- in the end, doesn't matter as long as the possibility of a page turning love can be found. In book form of course. Unless you really can be fully in love with a book. Is that a thing? A kink? I recently found out that getting it on with nature was a thing, so really, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised.

In this case it has a little less momentary confusion and little more like blind dating, especially with this novel I have heard about some time ago and marked it to read without a second thought, Though it may have no description, it does however, now have quite the pretty face.

Care to take a look?

The Lucky Ones, indeed. Now we wait for the possibly mysterious story lurking behind the gates and between the pages.

The Lucky Ones
Release Date: February 13, 2018


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