A Lovely List #3

Another lovely list to make the week a little more lovely. Shall we?

  • the sound of rain in the dark
  • waking up and making coffee half asleep yet it somehow still tasting just right
  • going out on unexpected adventures to a blueberry festival- it is a thing!
  • dressing up a bit, just for myself
  • rereading old favorite books, it is like returning home
  • trying to be more open on the blog with recent posts...hope that is a good thing maybe sorta.
  • filling an entire journal- almost. I am SO close.
  • not caring about my Instagram feed for a few days and deciding that I want to document more life, less aesthetic even if I still would like to make it look pretty. It is the little things after all
  • paying it forward to my teeth by brushing AND flossing. I won't have to lie to my dentist either
  • finding someone who cares about my writing even if they haven't read it yet. Though I hope that they may read it


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