Kendra Mase is a writer.
A writer and devout reader who found this hard won passion after reading a book in the fifth grade. You may have heard of it. Any guesses? It had a vampire in it. From library to bookstore, her desire to write grew until she took a pen to paper and filled a few composition books she told her teachers were for school work, not the dark magic she decided to make up in the form of words.

And still does today, far into the nights and bottom of coffee mugs.

When not devouring great books and poetry that makes her heart sing, Kendra lives in Pennsylvania pursuing a degree in Publishing and Art History when not letting the wanderlust take over. A LOT. All this in hopes to meet as many interesting people as possible and have a lot of stories to tell for herself.

Today though, Kendra lives with full bookshelves and a pen always near by. She likes vintage nightgowns, eats cereal for more meals than just breakfast, and doesn't hesitate dragging you into the erotica aisle of the bookstore. Words that effect her the most, like all art, make her shiver even with a good cup of tea that someone else made her in her hands.

Feel free to contact her through here.

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